Experiencing the Inaugural Carnival Firenze Cruise

The Carnival Firenze inaugural cruise set sail towards Mexico on April 25. Guests experienced of ocean views and explored various amenities on their way to two different land excursions between April 25-May 2. 

A Great Day in South L.A. Offers Black History Tours

If you are a transplant who lives in LA, a current resident, or someone looking to visit, and want a tour of the heart of South LA, Janae Green has something just for you. Green has launched “A Great Day in South LA, which is an immersive three hour Black History tour that explores iconic landmarks such as Crenshaw/Baldwin, Leimert Park, Hyde Park, View Park, West Adams, and Historic Central Avenue.

Dreams Do Come True

Around the time of 5 B.C., Luke writes this heartwarming account of a very important event occurring during his ministry. He wants to clear up what he knew of his eyewitness accounts of some of those things that happened. 

“AI and “The Beast” Part 5 

  It has been speculated that the “image of the beast” which gives the appearance of life; it would be a statue. However, now we can see first-hand or envision that some form of the beast’s activities might be “artificial intelligence.”   Pay attention, please. I believe we will see in our lifetime there will be images of those appearing to be flesh and blood people but will be “false and some kind of manufactured people;” not hologram or androids or cyborg, possibly human-animal hybrid or maybe a human clone. We may not know for certain; but we already see artificial

The Ethical Imperative of Serudj Ta: To Repair, Renew and Remake the World

Again, the celebration of Earth Day this month gives us space and time to focus on our awesome responsibility for the natural world and all in it. And here the ancient African ethical imperative of serudj ta, to repair, renew and remake the world, remains as relevant today and perhaps more urgent for us and all human beings, given the times in which we now live and the damage, devastation, and dangers we sense and see all around us.

“AI” and “The Image” Part 4 

It’s pretty difficult to kick off and jump into talking about the evil “so called beasts” – Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet (called the “unholy trinity”). It won’t be convenient to talk at length about all these characters in a brief article such as in the allowable space here.   

Is It Difficult To Be a Servant of God Today? 

Oftentimes when we hear the word servant or servanthood, we think of someone who is meek and mild, maybe even a little soft and weak.  However, being a true servant takes a lot of strength that goes beyond our own might and could never be achieved by our own power.   

Gospel Legend Bebe Winans Delivers A Celebration Of God’s Bounty In First New Release “Father In Heaven (Right Now)”

Regimen Records is proud to announce the highly anticipated single release, video and “One Night Only” performances from Award Winning Contemporary Gospel legend Bebe Winans. On April 12, the Detroit native will deliver his newest offering appropriately titled “Father In Heaven (Right Now).” Written and produced by Winans, “Father In Heaven (Right Now)” recounts the many ways in which he has witnessed and felt God’s hand on his life. The ballad serves as a reminder of celebration and testimony.

What Needs Resurrecting in Your Life 

Spring represents a time of refresh and renewal.  Many of us look forward to sunny days and the weather turning warmer.  We also look forward to decluttering and getting rid of things we no longer want or use.