Tragic Death, Health Fears Add to New Extreme-Heat Reality

Yahushua Robinson, a student at Lake Canyon Middle School, allegedly did not “dress out” appropriately for gym class and was consequently punished by running laps in his street clothes. His aunt told NBC4 Los Angeles that he was denied a water break by his Physical Education teacher. His classmates reported that Robinson repeatedly complained of difficulty breathing before collapsing and becoming unresponsive. 

Safety on the Road is Crucial

California is receiving historic amounts of rain, and there is more wet weather on the way. In addition to setting records throughout Southern and Northern California, the heavy rainfall is also causing reduced visibility, making it harder for drivers to see other vehicles, hazards, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Six Drought Friendly Ways to Deep Clean This Spring

California’s Save Our Water program encourages everyone to continue water saving habits as residents work together to end the drought. Water conservation efforts are ongoing and critical to saving the state’s water supply.

White House Announces the National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking

The updated National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking responds to this predatory behavior by addressing the needs of underserved individuals, families, and communities. As such, officials said it reflects the administration’s commitments to gender and racial equity by taking action against the systemic injustices that communities experience, including underserved populations.

FEMA Changing Rules That Have Historically Deprived African Americans of Crucial Aid

As floodwaters and the after-effects of Hurricane Ida ravaged Louisiana, Mississippi, and eventually wreaked havoc in the northeast, FEMA officials announced that there will be significant changes in how they verify the ownership status of disaster relief applicants, noting that the objective in making the changes is to better assist applicants whose property was inherited without a will.


More California homeowners will be eligible for up to $3,000 in seismic retrofit grants through Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB), a program jointly administered by the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) and the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. The grants help offset the cost of seismic retrofits that brace the cripple walls of older homes, when present, and bolt houses to their foundations, making them less vulnerable to earthquake damage.

No Leads in Fatal Shooting of Compton Pastor

Pastor Reggie Moore, an associate minister at God of Christ Church in Compton, was fatally shot on October 24 near his church. According to the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, there are no suspects, motive, or vehicle description in the homicide.