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Don’t Doubt Daniel!

  Dr. Firpo W. Carr Proof of Jesus Series: Article 7 The Bible book of Daniel is both historic and prophetic. If you’ve ever heard expressions like, “He’s been through the fire,” or, “The handwriting’s on the wall,” or even, “Throw him to the lion’s!” then you’ve been exposed to actual events recorded over 2,500 years ago in the book of Daniel. Moreover, it has been well documented that prophet Daniel foretold the coming of the Messiah, and that Jesus of Nazareth identified himself as such and; even directly referencing the book of Daniel. But did either man really exist?


Rastafarian! Jammin’ Jamaica in the news  It’s approaching a fortnight since the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, England (a “fortnight” is British for “fourteen nights,” that is, two weeks), and Jamaica left its mark. For example, in the ultra-competitive men’s relay, Usain Bolt and company bolted past the USA men for gold as both all-Black squads turned in record performances. In a prior event, Jamaican men pulled off a medal sweep. And although Carmelita Jeter led a quintet of USA women as they jetted away from their Jamaican counterparts en route to a world recording-breaking

Michael, Whitney, Tupac, Biggie

  Dr. Firpo W. Carr Anti-Defamation law proposed “A good name is better than fine perfume, and the day of death better than the day of birth.” (Ecclesiastes 7:1, New International Version) Indeed, if you have lived long enough to make a “good name” for yourself, “the day of death better than the day of birth.” Your good name permeates the trail you followed in life like “fine perfume.” On the other hand, no infant, after suffering the tragedy of death, has had time to make such a ‘fine smelling’ good name for itself. In varying degrees, and on

Did Real Rulers Rouse a Real Jesus?

Proof of Jesus Series: Article 2 In the March 22, 2012, issue of the Sentinel, Article 1 of the Proof of Jesus Series (entitled, “Was Jesus Christ a Real Person?”) appeared wherein scholarly observations and archaeological evidence combined to validate the veracity of statements about Jesus made by Gospel writers. Critics of the Bible have classified Jesus Christ in the same category as Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. “If you believe in Jesus you probably believe in unicorns and leprechauns,” say the scoffers, “and are frantically searching for that elusive pot of gold at the end

Racist Christians?

Discrimination in the Congregation? Some say “Christian” America’s Bible Belt lassoed Trayvon Martin and hung him high. Easter is fast approaching, and Christendom’s elated. But many lament that Sunday morning is the most segregated time in America! Will this be true of Easter Sunday as well? Jesus Not a Racist: Even Jesus’ enemies acknowledged to him that “it doesn’t matter at all to you what the surface skin color of a man’s face is.” (Matthew 22:16, Carr’s Christian Translation) The disciple James chastised certain Christians for “showing reception of faces,” for the apostle Peter assured that God is not

Apolitical Politicians?

Non-participating participants? How can one be a budding politician and simultaneously be apolitical? How can you maintain a hands-off approach when it comes to the political process, while at the same time be a participant? In an election year where the leading two Republican candidates are in a hotly contested race, conundrums abound-all around! What may be even more bewildering is the fact that the two major Republican contestants both claim to be Christian. But what did the founder of Christianity say about worldly politics? How did early Christians view the political process? Discerning Diplomats: Paul identified Christians as being

Faith & the Family Unit

Witnesses receive praise (Part 4 of 4) In this final installment, I’ll address further criticisms leveled against Jehovah’s Witnesses by lady preacher Charlo Crossley Fortier of the Bread of Life Foursquare Church here in the City of the Angels. She asserts that untrained Witness elders break up families as these overseers follow organizational protocol. She says the Witnesses eschew the gifts of the spirit, and that yours truly should answer when Jesus comes knocking. My response is presented forthwith, and, surprisingly, Whitney Houston weighs in. Fractured Families?: The Russian Orthodox Church used the Russian government to crack down on Jehovah’s

A Joyful Noise for Modern Matthew

College Edition In past weeks I’ve quoted or otherwise called attention to my new book, Modern Matthew: Good News for Today–College Edition. And I can assure you that releasing the college edition of the Gospel of Matthew is purely coincidental to Joyful Noise (2012), starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton, thundering into theaters everywhere. Bible Outdated?: Subjects like parthenogenesis, obstetrics, astronomy, astrophysics, pediatrics, and psychiatry are found in just the first two chapters of Matthew’s Gospel. Numerous other subjects like microbiology, binary coding, and even cloud computing also find their popularity and roots in Matthew. You have to see it

All the Buzz About the Bible

The fame of God’s NameYou’ve been victimized by a religious conspiracy that’s 400 years old this year! I kid you not. This conspiracy makes Dan Brown’s bestselling books the Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons (later adapted to movies) look like child’s stories. Here’s an example of how you’ve been victimized. If, when in dire trouble, you’ve quoted the 23rd Psalm by starting off with, “The Lord is my shepherd” (King James Version, 1611), then you’ve been duped. This is not what the original Hebrew of this text says. I won’t call you crazy if you don’t believe me.

“Merry Tricksmas”

The hijacking of a holiday? If you’re like millions of folks around the world, you’re preparing to do something that-according to the Bible-Jesus and his family never did: Celebrate Christmas. Wait. It gets even more ironic. While you invite an infant Jesus and his parents into your home every December 25, if he were here as an adult with Joseph and Mary, they would turn away in disgust at your invitation to celebrate Christmas. (Feelings hurt? Poor babies. Oh boohoo.) I’m only telling you this because you deserve to know the truth. You’ve been lied to, tricked, and deceived long

‘Dealing with Debt’–for Dummies

How to survive in the “last days” “Remember this: There are some terrible times coming in the last days. People will love only themselves and money. They will be proud and boast about themselves. They will abuse others with insults. They will not obey their parents. They will be ungrateful and against all that is pleasing to God. They will have no love for others and will refuse to forgive anyone. They will talk about others to hurt them and will have no self-control. “They will be cruel and hate what is good. People will turn against their friends. They

Racing with Racism

Will we ever put the brakes on bias? As we embark upon the 30-day gestation period where Black Friday morphs into a White Christmas, America still labors with the pain of deeply embedded racism. Just ask NASCAR grand marshal Michelle Obama-the African American First Lady of the free world-who was booed at the last event on the race circuit on Sunday, November 20, 2011. Granted, Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, also served as a grand marshal before the traditionally Republican group of predominantly Euro-Americans. Will the brakes ever be put on bias? Non-Compliant NASCAR?: Some may be

Occupy Paradise

Rich Man, Poor Man (Part 2 of 2) I wrote the following about the wealthiest one percent before they were popularly known as such in the October 23, 2008, Sentinel issue of this column: “‘Into the streets they will throw their very silver, and an abhorrent thing their own gold will become,’ is the prophetic warning of God’s servant Ezekiel. ‘Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to deliver them in the day of Jehovah’s fury.’ (Ezekiel 7:19) Skeptics and naysayers may dismiss these words as the ramblings of a sanctimonious calamity howler. But is this really the

Conrad Incarcerated

Mesereau Remembers Michael On Monday, November 7, 2011, Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of Michael Joseph Jackson. Though formal sentencing is scheduled to occur on Tuesday, November 29, 2011, Murray was hauled off to jail in handcuffs. Obviously, despite what he and nurse-practitioner Cherilyn Lee said about Michael’s desire for propofol, jurors didn’t buy for a moment that the King of Pop finished every sentence with, “got milk?” And what about Murray’s one-hand chest compressions? I guess he’s a fan after all. One hand. One glove. One love. Murray Murdered Michael:

Case Closed

Murray vs. Michael Although it is billed as the People of the State of California versus Conrad Murray, M.D., it could be characterized in a more vulgar or pedestrian way: a strong, towering, well-built, six-foot-four-inch physician brazenly and unabashedly took advantage of a weakened, frail, emotionally troubled five-foot-nine-inch man named Michael Joseph Jackson, who trusted him with his life. If they were boxers or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combatants, they wouldn’t even fight in the same weight class. But, as it is, Conrad Murray fought out of his class, and in the process, killed the classiest person in all of