Compton Mayor Emma Sharif Partners with Compton’s Branch of the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office to Host a Juneteenth Freedom Day Expungement Event

On Friday, June 21st, Compton Mayor Emma Sharif will partner with the Compton branch of the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office to host a Juneteenth Freedom Day Expungement from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Dollarhide Community Center. This community event is being held to honor the spirit of freedom and restoration of rights that Juneteenth represents.

Remembering a Gentle Giant

My professional career started over three decades ago in the field of event management and community relations.  One of the clients I had the privilege of working with was the historical Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Los Angeles (SCLC-LA).    The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is a civil rights organization originally founded by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ralph Abernathy, Bayard Rustin, and Fred Shuttlesworth.  One of SCLC’s goals was to help with, “Redeeming the Soul of America.”   The SCLC chapter in Los Angeles was very strong and had deep ties in the community.  One of the leaders involved in SCLC

One World Government

In Revelation 17:3, John writes that he saw “a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.” It seems likely that this beast on which the woman rides is symbolic of the historical succession of world governments, in which are raised up and empowered by Satan.  

Certified Does Not Necessarily Mean QualifiedTop of Form 

We live in a society where there is a lot of pressure to obtain as much education and advanced training as possible and although I respect people who go to school and continue their education, I have learned that just because someone is certified does not necessarily mean they are the best or most qualified for a specific situation. 

Connecting Compton is Bringing Community Unity 

When you hear the city of Compton, many things can come to mind depending on who you are and where you reside. Would you ever associate learning how to ride horseback, the ranching lifestyle or how to rope a steer with Compton? Well, Connecting Compton is doing just that with any and all who are interested to learn. 

Join in Helping to Continue the Work of Reparations in Los Angeles

The work of helping to make reparations real for LA County residents is up for a vote this Tuesday June 4 at the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell has presented a motion that calls for LA County to produce a framework for reparations, issue an apology to Black residents and their ancestors and descendants, and provide targeted support for economic empowerment and wealth-building, including technical assistance to access grant and loan funding. In honor of Juneteenth, Supervisor Mitchell’s motion also calls for a day of free access to County museums and beaches for those who have been harmed and continue to be impacted by systemic racism. Here is a link to view the full motion.

Armed With New Technology And Tactics, Russian Trolls Are Back To Disrupt U.S. Elections  

In the spring of 2019, the National Urban League’s “State of Black America” report was the first to highlight the extent of Russian efforts to deceive, manipulate and exploit Black voters in the 2016 presidential election. Five months later, a Senate Intelligence Committee report confirmed our findings: Russian trolls targeted Black Americans more than any other group to dissuade them from voting. 

LAUL President/CEO Cynthia Mitchell-Heard Urges Black Women to ‘Shoot for the Moon’ 

“So many pivotal moments in my life have informed my practice and my commitment to the community. But it was my parents who first instilled two major lessons: a strong belief in oneself and an even stronger sense of responsibility to my community. ‘Shoot for the moon and grab the stars while you ‘re up amongst them,’ said Cynthia Mitchell-Heard, president and CEO of the Los Angeles Urban League (LAUL) 

“The Invisible Is Visible!” 

When the Lord sends a sign of “the virgin,” it is not just any virgin, but a special person who is unmistakably the one set aside for His purpose. The identity of this “virgin” was known to those during that time around 631-630 B.C., but unknown to us. This special young woman may have been around the age of 12 ½; marriageable age for young women and a marriageable age of 14 years for boys. This age was set to ensure virginity was established and to avoid pregnancy and premature puberty.  

Support Early Detection Technology to Save the Lives of Black Cancer Patients

In 2008, I received news no one ever wants to hear. I was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer, with an ER/PR positive tumor type.    The road to recovery was tough, taking more than a physical toll on my body. I grappled with the emotional and mental strain of navigating a health care system that too often fails to address the unique needs of Black women. There was no manual to guide me through this journey, no prescription to ease the burden, and no roadmap to help me navigate the challenges ahead.   The stark reality that Black women are 41%

Big O Holdings LLC and Sony Music Publishing Announce New Partnership To Administer Otis Redding Catalog

The heirs to the Estate of Otis Redding Jr., doing business as Big O Holdings LLC, has entered into an administration agreement with Sony Music Publishingcovering Redding’s vast music catalog in the U.S. Otis Redding, a prolific songwriter, and producer, is considered one of the most influential performers in the history of American popular music and a trailblazer in soul and rhythm & blues music due to his gospel-inspired, stylistic singing. Known as “The King of Soul,” he released his debut album, “Pain In My Heart” in 1964 which produced his first hit single, “These Arms of Mine.” The song reached No. 20 on the R&B charts,

Experiencing the Inaugural Carnival Firenze Cruise

The Carnival Firenze inaugural cruise set sail towards Mexico on April 25. Guests experienced of ocean views and explored various amenities on their way to two different land excursions between April 25-May 2. 

A Great Day in South L.A. Offers Black History Tours

If you are a transplant who lives in LA, a current resident, or someone looking to visit, and want a tour of the heart of South LA, Janae Green has something just for you. Green has launched “A Great Day in South LA, which is an immersive three hour Black History tour that explores iconic landmarks such as Crenshaw/Baldwin, Leimert Park, Hyde Park, View Park, West Adams, and Historic Central Avenue.