Olatuja on Olatuja

Alicia Olatuja said that throughout the process of creating the new album it was important for the pair to discuss who they had become and their journey getting there. “That found its way into the creation of the music,” she said.

Lauryn Hill’s classic ‘Miseducation’ album tops Apple Music’s list of best albums of all time

The music streaming giant announced on Wednesday their 10 greatest albums of all time with Lauryn Hill’s 1998 iconic “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” claiming the top spot. Hill’s debut album outpaced other classic records from Beyoncé,The Beatles,Michael Jackson,Prince,Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar,Amy Winehouse,Frank Ocean and Nirvana.

Getting ‘Deep’ with DeP!

DeP has since earned a Best Contemporary Christian Music Album Grammy Award as a member of Kanye West’s “Sunday Service Choir” on the album “Jesus is King.” He was also nominated for a second Grammy for his work on Beyonce’s song “Spirit,” which is on “The Lion King” soundtrack.