BornBaller Academy Shapes Next Generation of Football with WR Training

t may sound cliché, but Zaire Andre literally lives and breathes football. The Inglewood native started his sports journey at the age of five years old. He has played youth sports (football and basketball) in Inglewood and attended multiple grade schools including: Dodson and Carnegie Middle School, which led him to Crenshaw High School and graduating from Inglewood High School with a full ride scholarship to play football at Washington State University. After spending two years in Washington, Andre came back home to Los Angeles and transferred to El Camino Junior College, where he earned his associate’s degree. He continued his football journey in San Antonio, Texas at the University of Incarnate Word and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice in 2019. 

Father-Son Duo Builds Legacy for Peace Through Street Basketball

Ryan Hicks had just wrapped another successful season of community partnerships with various NBA teams throughout the nation before jumping into his next high-profile sporting event, the Venice Beach Summer Showdown, a legendary competitive tournament that showcases the best of both professional and amateur basketball.

Student Athlete of the Week: Sherilynne Chensam

Hamilton senior Sherilynne Chensam has always loved playing basketball but competing would occasionally become overwhelming to her. When she felt her passion for basketball slipping away, she took a two-year hiatus during her freshman and sophomore years.

Pitcher Hunter Greene Thrives with the Reds

Former Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks stand-out Hunter Greene has been a key contributor to the Cincinnati Reds. During his third season with the club, he has played in 12 games as a starting pitcher and has pitched for 70.2 innings.