Abominable may be applied to that which is morally repulsive, that which is detestable, that which the One Almighty God does not tolerate. God is so patient. He waited hundreds, thousands of years, and in a timeless range before He decided to send forth His only “begotten” son.    Jesus was “begotten before the world…born in the world.” Elohim taking creature form to create as He later took human form (flesh) to redeem. We have here “creation” and redemption” combined in Christ (Revelation 4:11; 5:9).  Therefore, you can say, “He is all and all,” and He is all in all; the

The Music and Magic of Blackness: The Centering and Sustaining Beauty of Soul 

This is Black Music Month and we share again these sensitivities, thoughts and practice of Blackness as music and magic at the highest and deepest level. It is good to sing and celebrate ourselves, to dance in honor of the divine spark and specialness within each of us, and to rejoice in the midst of the sacred music we together make in the many ways we love, work and struggle to do and share good in the world.    But our celebrations must always be rooted in and reflective of our own agency, our own image and own interests. And so,

Why Every American Should Celebrate Juneteenth

Juneteenth originated in the June 19, 1865, federal proclamation that Major General Gordon Granger brought with him when he arrived Galveston to take command of federal troops deployed to enforce the emancipation of its enslaved population and oversee Reconstruction. 


In less than one week, America will celebrate Juneteenth, known to many in the African American community as Independence Day. Juneteenth did not become a national holiday until June 2021. However, it has long been recognized in our community as a day of recognition and importance.   

It Brings No Joy 

When I think about all the misery Donald Trump has brought to our nation–especially to women, people of color, and those of us who take pride in being Progressives who’ve been fighting for better lives for our people as he made life worse.  Yet, I feel sorry for those who enabled him—some of whom I thought were better people. 

The Final Judge and Chief Prosecutor

Who makes the last call on your future here on Earth and in Heaven? Who gives the last word? It’s not an earthly judge. That’s temporary. What’s happening in the heavens? There are seventeen heavenly utterances and the final heavenly utterances are sounded in Revelation 4:8 -9.  

Lonely in Your Struggle, But Crowded in Your SuccessTop of Form

It is amazing to me how oftentimes when God gives us an idea or dream and we share it with other people, if they cannot imagine it or if it is something they would not necessarily see as a good idea they give you all kinds of grief. They think of every reason why you should not go down that path, even when they have no concrete reasons why they do not see it as a good idea.   

African Liberation, South Africa, Palestine and Us: Some Notes on Radically Reordering the World

As we celebrate this year’s African Liberation Day (May 25), it is important to note that we are passing through a pivotal and powerful moment in African and human history. And the central sites for this time of radical turning are in Palestine, South Africa, in this country and on countless campuses and elsewhere around the world. And we as African peoples are linked to it in various ways as allies in struggle and as midwives and co-makers of a new unfolding history, not only for Palestine and the Palestinian people, but also for us and indeed, for the world.  

Rent Control Is the Road to Stability in CA

Currently, millions of Californians are facing an extreme housing emergency. They are being strangled by rents they cannot afford. We must find an immediate way to stabilize this abhorrent situation. Most Californians agree that more affordable housing is needed, but under the best of circumstances, it will take a considerable amount of time and money to bring relief to the millions of Californians who are burdened by excessive rent or who are homeless. There are multiple challenges we must consider. First, we need to keep individuals and families in the housing they have now. Secondly, we must prevent the destruction

Are You in Search of Success or Significance? Top of Form

When was the last time you stopped to think about what you truly wanted out of life? Most of us say we want our lives to matter and that we want to make a difference in the world, but we also get caught up in the trap of wanting to achieve a certain level of success. How do we balance being successful but also making sure we are contributing significance to the world? 

Columbia, Morehouse and the Morality of Resistance: Continuing Struggle, Keeping Faith and Holding the Line 

It is good and right to rebel and revolt against unfreedom and morally imperative to resist evil, injustice and oppression wherever we find it, in this country and around the world. And it is good to know our past and honor it; to engage the present and improve it; and to imagine a whole new future and forge it in the most ethical, effective and expansive ways.