Wednesday, December 1, 2021
#BlackXmas: Visioning Beyond the Weight of the Moment
November 26, 2021
This last several days have been heavy and dispiriting. Last Thursday, we breathed a collective sigh of relief that was all too brief. Our days, weeks, months, and years of organizing was successful in having the life of Julius Jones be spared from the death penalty in Oklahoma only hours before his scheduled execution. While the immediate theft of his life was blocked, Governor Stitt’s final hour clemency remanded Julius to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Julius has been on death row for more than 20 years for a crime that he was falsely accused of committing when he was a 19-year-old student at the University of Oklahoma. ... read more »
Thanksgiving, a Day to Celebrate or to Mourn?
November 25, 2021
Thanksgiving is known as a traditional American holiday where families and friends come together in harmony, gratitude, and thankfulness in sharing love and the traditional foods Americans have come to love, ... read more »
Justifying Kyle Rittenhouse’s Killings in Kenosha: Lived Lessons of White American Justice   
November 25, 2021
The racial, indeed racist character of American justice, how it is conceived, carried out and justified, cannot be sensibly, seriously or honestly denied. We, as a people have lived with and resisted this kind of justice, in reality injustice, for centuries. ... read more »
Giving Thanks
November 25, 2021
“In everything give thanks.” That Bible verse can be hard to put into practice. Just by being alive we can be sure of having moments of sadness as well as happiness. When you’re active in politics, you experience both wins and losses. Sometimes it can be hard to feel grateful. ... read more »
Ranting and Raging Against Critical Race Theory: An Epidemic of Racist Reaction to Truth
November 18, 2021
In the midst of the pandemic of Covid 19 and the continuing pathology of oppression, there has emerged an epidemic of racist reactions to the truth of the real founding and functioning of the United States of America. ... read more »
COVID-19 scams target Blacks, other people of color  FTC report reveals new and continuing financial fraud 
November 4, 2021
Just as the annual holiday season of shopping and celebrating nears, a major federal financial regulator released new research detailing how communities of color not only are targeted by well-known types of predatory lenders, but new forms of fraud seek to exploit consumers in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic.   ... read more »
The Importance of Supporting Black Businesses 365
November 4, 2021
Did George Floyd’s last gasps for air breathe new life into Black organizations, Black businesses and the Black experience or did the knee on his neck traumatize a nation into a knee jerk mea culpa? ... read more »
Meditating on the Meaning of Struggle: Valuing Our Inward and Outward Striving
November 4, 2021
Those of us who still wage righteous and relentless struggle inwardly and outwardly to live a liberated, good and meaningful life will continuously find invaluable sources for grounding and growth in the enduringly relevant and deeply insightful sacred teachings of our ancestors found in the Odu Ifa. ... read more »
A Sword Shall Pierce The Earth
November 4, 2021
Simeon, (who had tarried in the temple waiting and praying for the coming Messiah told Mary, “And a sword shall pierce through your soul also” (Luke2:35.) The prophetess, Anna was also there. She too had been waiting with fasting and prayers. Figuratively,  “a sword” is represented in the bible as authority and power and sometimes war. Much of what we believe may not be researched information, nor factual. ... read more »
Blacks, Veteran’s Day and Critical Race Theory
November 4, 2021
Veterans Day was created as “Armistice Day” on November 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. It became a national holiday by an act of Congress in 1938. As we honor the memory of those who served in this great conflict, separately and apart from other occasions honoring our War service members, let us not forget the special struggles of Black Veterans, especially during the years following World War I. ... read more »
Listen to Your Heart: Raising Awareness of a Serious Heart Condition in the African American and Black Community
October 29, 2021
As an experienced cardiologist who has treated Black people affected by heart disease for 50 years, I have the duty to inform you about a serious heart condition that impacts our community. Please read this information carefully. It may change your life – or the life of a loved one. ... read more »
Remembering General Colin Powell
October 28, 2021
By now we have all relived the life of General Colin Powell. We are reminded that death often creates sainthood for those who pass on. They become larger than life and are often remembered without fault. This was not the case with Colin Powell. ... read more »
Wendy’s Window- Don’t Feel Sorry For Me
October 28, 2021
Although former Secretary of State Colin Powell told Bob Woodward, in a final interview, “don’t feel sorry for me,” as he shared some of his health challenges, I cannot help but feel both sorry and sad about his passing. Colin Powell died at the age of 84 from complications due to COVID-19.  ... read more »
GOD vs “the gods
October 28, 2021
When the Philistines saw and realized that the misfortunes which came about were not by accident; but they saw the problems repeated and brought on to themselves by keeping the Ark of the Covenant (The Ark of God), the most sacred vessel of the Israelites, (they thought it was a trophy) they proceeded to plan what to do in accordance to the best way to get the Ark out of their hands. The Philistines of their five cities: Gaza, Gath, Ekron, and Ashkelon planned what to do. ... read more »
Manhood, Mission and the Million Man March: Transformative Practice and Policy in Struggle
October 28, 2021
The meaning and mission of manhood, especially Black manhood, is an ancient and ongoing question, for it is not only about a presence, but also about a process and practice, and not only about just being, but also about constantly becoming. In a word, it is about ever striving and struggling to be our best and come into the fullness of ourselves as men, African men and human beings. ... read more »

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