Time to Fall Into the Next Season 

This past Saturday, we ushered in a new season.  We said goodbye to Summer and welcomed the freshness of Fall.  Globally, we have experienced so many changes and challenges with the weather that most of us believe there is such a thing as climate change.  The erratic weather pattern makes it impossible to judge the seasons primarily on how hot or cold it is.  

Our Black Godfather 

The word godfather prompts different images in our heads.  Immediately many people think of the movie starring Marlon Brando and eventually Al Pacino.  While others think of rhythm and blues artist James Brown.  

Clear Your Desktop  

Technology is not my lane.  I always struggle with putting things in the right place on my computer.  My former assistant would always tell me I need to set up folders to file things away and not have so many things saved on my desktop.   

Your Adversity Can by Your University 

Life sends us through many trials and tribulations. When we go through the highs and lows, the question we must ask ourselves is did we just go through it or did we grow from it.  If we just go through it, we are bound to experience the same adversity again until we learn the lesson.

Why is it Important to Seek One’s Greatness? 

I have often asked myself why it is important to become our best self.  We owe it to ourselves, as well as to others, to live the life that God intends for us to live. If we want to live our best lives and contribute to our community, we first must understand what is our “why.” 

Transition, Transformation, and Triumph! 

As a young girl growing up in Riverside, my aunt was fascinated with butterflies, they were so beautiful and free, and she would admire their elegance and grace.  I wondered how could something that started out as an unattractive caterpillar turn into something magnificent. 

Is Love Broke or Broken? 

Two people in history that I have admired are Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. While these two men lived in different times and places, there are several notable similarities between them.  

Reparations – To Be Or Not To Be? 

Do you think the United States of America should financially compensate Black Americans or Black communities for past wrongs like slavery, racial discrimination, and systemic inequality? If your answer is yes, then you believe in reparations.  

Who is Your Standard? 

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has become one of the most popular and iconic magazine issues in the world. It is dedicated to featuring photographs of fashion models, celebrities, and athletes wearing swimwear in exotic locations such as the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.  

Do You Celebrate JUNETEENTH? 

Last year, President Joe Biden signed a bill making Juneteenth one of 12 federal holidays. The sad reality is that many Americans have never really learned about the holiday because in most American classrooms Juneteenth is never taught. Many K-12 educational curriculums ignore, refuse, or lightly refer to slavery and its devastating and damaging effect on Black people.   

Are You a Value to Others?

One of my favorite restaurants is Harold and Belles, I love their New Orleans Cajun cuisine.  They have been a visible and viable part of the Los Angeles community for over half a century.