When Women Pray  

As a young girl, I witnessed my grandmother praying on her knees in her bedroom or with her head bowed at the kitchen table talking to the Lord. Through her example, she taught me that there is nothing that we cannot discuss with God and that there is nothing too big for God to handle.  My grandmother drilled into me that it was not the praying that God honored, but rather the faith we have that he will answer our prayers.   

Who Are You Yoked Up With? 

Life is full of ups and downs twists and turns, but it does not have to be difficult or impossible if we are yoked up with the right people.  When I say “yoked up with,” I mean being in a relationship with another person. It could mean a marriage or just who you spend your time with.  

There is No Shade From This Pepper Tree 

What do children in elementary school know about racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, discrimination, hatred, and bigotry? “Nothing” should be the answer.  We are not born with a chromosome or gene that makes any of these things innate within us, our DNA does not dictate that we must display any of these behaviors.  

Women Keepers of Art and History  

Women have long been keepers of our history and creativity. I have the pleasure of knowing, supporting, and being friends with some of the best Black women artists and historians of our day.   

In the Spirit of Loving Yourself  

The month of February is a time for celebrating love.  Everywhere we look there are roses, little red hearts, boxes of chocolates, people going to candlelight dinners, and girlfriends even celebrating “Galentine’s Day.”  

Keeping Our Heritage Alive  

I remember the days when I had the honor of working with Ms. Mordena Moore.  Ms. Mordena was very active in our community and she made sure her “girls” (no matter how old we were) stay connected to and understood our history.  She is one of my sheroes.   

Let’s Get a Few Things Straight 

When life throws you a curve ball, you must either sit on the sidelines or get in the game.  Recently, I had someone very close to me admitted to the hospital, and I had to not only help with things pertaining to their home and personal business, but I also had to make serious decisions pertaining to their health and overall wellbeing. 

Our Girls Are Not For Sale! 

Selling an individual for the purpose of sex and pleasure has been with us since the beginning of time.  Oftentimes, the media and Hollywood try to glamorize the process by dressing up women and girls (and I know sometimes boys) to appeal to those who support such activities.  

Ready, Set, Go! 

The holidays are just about behind us, the cleaning up has been put in motion, but many of us are dragging our feet to step into the new year.  

Suit Up, Show Up, and Turn Up! 

My grandmother had little sayings and phrases that she would tell her children, grandchildren, and probably anyone that would listen.  The other day, one of my cousins reminded me of one of them. 

As we celebrate the holidays and begin the countdown to the New Year many of us will think about the things that were on our to-do-list twelve months ago that we had hoped to get accomplish but failed.  They say, if you want to see God laugh tell him your plans. The proverbial expression adapted from the Robert Burns poem, “To a Mouse,” regarding the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, is so true.  No matter how detailed or good intentioned we are with our plans, there are some things in life that are out of our control and can make our plans unsuccessful. Some of the things that were on our list that we failed to achieve was because we lost focus or because they were just not meant to be.  

Madam Mayor  

The official date of passing the baton to Los Angeles’ first woman mayor and also the first woman of color is December 12th.   

What’s Going On? 

     Like many of you, music has been a big part of my life in both my childhood and adulthood. I have fond memories of listening to the sweet sounds coming from my grandmother’s record player. Music has always allowed me to express my emotions and sentiments.    During tough times, it was music that permitted me a chance to escape from the difficulties of life. Music has brought much happiness and peace into my life. Many of my father’s side of the family could sing or play an instrument, but unfortunately, I was not blessed with the gift of