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True Romance

Taylor and Jeyde Mitchell owe their relationship to crowded public transportation, chivalry and a mutual friend. The 2023 graduates of Santa Monica College met as teens while riding a Los Angeles Metro bus.

Burris Promotes Black History Through Creative Crossword Puzzles

Simon Burris is a brilliant historian sharing his vast knowledge of Black History by developing clever brainteasers, more commonly known as crossword puzzles. His creative and challenging games, which appear in the L.A. Sentinel Family section, are educating readers from ages eight to 80+ about the innumerable contributions of Black people.

Nehemiah Project LA Aims to Help Transitioning Youth

Bishop Ed Smith is known as an acclaimed author, world-renowned speaker, educator, philanthropic leader, and pastor.He has assisted business leaders, families, and individuals in building legacies and in fulfilling their God-ordained gifts, talents, and hearts. Now he is making sure transitioning youth have a future with Nehemiah Project LA (NPLA).