Ardena Joy Cota

My Welcomed Failure and Lesson of 2020

It may tickle some of you to know that I started to title this piece, “I Have No Idea WTF Are We Doing Here?” or “What I’m Really Thinking?” JK but seriously, I don’t. I don’t pretend to know what the meaning of all of this is (if it’s even possible to know) but it seems to me that there are certain theories about the matter that are more beneficial than others.

Open Letter to the White, Southern Racist

As you may know, many of your confederate ancestors went home after fighting the Civil War to find their lives, as they had known them, changed forever. Plantations and businesses had been burned to the ground. Unemployment among southerners was high and unable to continue to exploit Africans for free labor and without a representative government to appeal to, depression set in. The stolen wealth, to which the south had grown accustomed, like an abandoned cotton field, dried up.

‘Free Thought’, Opinion, Foolishness and Valid Ideas Navigating Change

In today’s world, technology has made it easy for everyone to share their ideas and opinions. I think most of us would agree that dialogue is a great thing as it gives us an opportunity to consider perspectives different from our own and possibly learn something. Historically, this deliberation process has been essential in ushering in progress and positive changes. However, being confronted with an idea different from our own often puts us in a vulnerable position. Challenges to our worldview is like a challenge to our identity and even considering a different perspective can be scary and make us feel uncomfortable. We may feel that our intuition is strong but still be without any definitive facts to make our case.

Surviving Hurricane Harvey

This is the reality that we are living right now. That is the ideological conflict currently playing out in our economic policy, veterans hospitals, inner cities, in the streets of Virginia and in various ways all across this country.