Empowering Black Women: Cynthia McClain-Hill

Describing Black women is like describing the process of creation. They have been charged with the role to nourish other people outside of themselves, whether it be behind closed doors or through organizations of public service, Black women lend out their focus to the growth of the family and collective community; a prime example is seen within Cynthia McClain-Hill.

Hair is NOT a Hustle

Sisters and DreamGirls cofounders Sharie Wilson and Tonya Thompson are on a mission to debunk the stereotypes that Black people often face in regard to their hair.

Holiday Deals Offered by African American Businesses

This year the day of mass shopping coined “Black Friday” lands on Friday, November 25, the day after Thanksgiving but many brands will be offering deals a week beforehand and will extend deals through Cyber Monday (November 28).

Mother and Daughters Debut Jolie Noire Athleisure Apparel

 In 2018, they decided to invest in themselves and start a family business.  Due to their love of fashion, they chose to start Jolie Noire, an elevated women’s athleisure wear brand.  Jolie Noire stands for Pretty Black in French.   Sisters Kimberly, (a celebrity stylist) and Keyondra, (an award-winning gospel artist) Lockett searched high and low to find cute and comfortable gear that displayed Black women as the art they are. They saw a need for clothing with faces that look like theirs, so they created graphics tees that really represent them.   After sharing their business model with their mother, Ronda Gray, a cardiovascular

Black Makeup Gurus and Trends for 2022

Up-and-coming African, Afro-Latino and African American beauty experts are trending on social media.  Despite often getting the short end of the stick financially due to old-fashioned racism, these makeup artists are going viral with their revolutionary fashion tips.

Here’s a Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2022

It goes without saying that Mother’s Day is 360 days a year, but since it’s only officially celebrated one day a year, it’s a good idea to go all out to find those unique gifts.  Here are a few choices that we feel will make her special day, even more special. 

Black Representation During Los Angeles Fashion Week- BLESS BY BLESS

BLESS BY BLESS was designed by Bless Maz, creating a bridge between luxury and wardrobe essentials. The collection has influence in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. The latest collection from Bless By Bless made a debut showing in Los Angeles Fashion Week 2022.