Dr. Jeanette Parker (file photo)

In Revelation 17:3, John writes that he saw “a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.” It seems likely that this beast on which the woman rides is symbolic of the historical succession of world governments, in which are raised up and empowered by Satan.  

After the deluge, God had instituted the principle of human government; but had decidedly not instituted the principle of a one-world government. He had commanded mankind to scatter worldwide. This meant that governmental systems would be simple and localized, serving the purpose of maintaining peace and freedom for each community.  

But instead of following God’s principle, Satan got involved (as is his chaotic habit) and he raised up Nimrod, an enemy of God, to conquer all others and establish a one-world autocratic government centered at the first Babylon (about 1998 B.C.). It seems we’re seeing that the beast of Revelation 17 shows the picture of a dictatorial world government and continually energized by the old dragon.  

We see a progression toward this government type. We see the woman, the beast, the great whore, Babylon the Great. The great whore was sitting on many waters; that is the symbolism is that the great whore is controlling, but the beast is energizing the control. The dragon empowers the beast.  

As we look on, we can see governments established and others forming to fulfill scripture. Although, the United States is called the “world leader,” the leader of the free world, we don’t know how long this will last; especially when the U.S. sees itself as being invincible and beyond conquering. And if the U.S. continues and expands its sinful practices, it is God’s prerogative to say “enough is enough.”  

I can tell you clearly that God is not pleased with sentencing babies to death. And the price to pay for that along with other immoral acts, no one wants to pay the price. Presently, the masses may not see the detriment and unforeseen consequences of these dreadful acts, God is watching.  

So, the beast supports the harlot. The woman is deceptive appearing to make the beast beautiful outside. A raging maniacal personality inside working every angle against the Almighty God. 

You remember Saul, the first king of Israel. God removed him from his position as king because he was disobedient, which may be a lead into a one world government. The reason I reference that is because Samuel gave an order to Saul to war against the Amalekites, who had not allowed Israel passage during the journey in the wilderness after being freed from Egyptian bondage.  

While Saul waited for Samuel, Saul decided to make his own decision to impose himself on handling the duties of the priesthood and leader of the war as well. That was not Saul’s assignment. He did not have the right nor the anointing to administer the holy objects and services of the altar.  

When Saul trespassed, he put himself in the place of the priest. God stepped in, telling Samuel that Saul would lose his kingship because of his self-motivated push to place himself over God. These reek of the Babylonian spirit and moves along with freedom and boldness to mock God, use blasphemous names, fornication and other idolatrous practices to move right along in a demonic fashion.  

Let us never forget, “Thou shall have no other god beside me. I am the Lord. I am the jealous God.” At a time in the future, the abomination that brings desolation is another visible way God shows there will come a time when God brings forth His judgments. When He sees the abomination that God detests in the temple, a special type of idol, God will bring forth judgments. 

This abomination will press forth those judgments to bring desolation (a wipe out). He will reign and will destroy that that is unlike Him and doesn’t believe in Him. It could be perhaps the image that is made to talk, speak and act like a person is a far-reaching product of AI (Artificial Intelligence); an image that will be required by the one-world ruler (the antichrist) requiring people to have this image duplicated in every home; what does this mean.  


We ought to be able to see looking from right now how this can come to pass. Unfortunately, our government is fighting against itself. Keep watching.  


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