Description of the mugger: tall, dark and handsome; eyes: bloodshot, changes colors; eyebrows: dark, bold well-manicured; ears: not demonstrably different from others, earrings sometimes or not; smile: smug and enticing; voice/speech: able to change instantaneously without notice, excellent, enticing, convincing, distinguishable speaker; shoulders/figure: broad or shapely..may wear shoulder pads to imitate height and muscles; hair: curly, straight, kinky, short, long; dress: cross dresses at times to conceal identity going either way; feet and hands: may be smooth or rough depending on immediate presence; face: charismatic impression and actions, most attractive or quite unattractive; personality: able to adapt presentation depending on

“Backlash to The Truth::The Truth Hurts” 

Matthew tells us the Jesus “went out from the temple.” All of Jesus’ discourses since Matthew 21:23 have been in the temple courts.    Here, after He has rendered the powerful denunciation of the scribes and Pharisees. This is His last public teaching. It is over a tragic moment. It appears the disciples want to divert His attention from such a scathing message delivered to the scribes and Pharisees to relieve the thoughts and move attention, the point out the beautiful stone, polished marble buildings of the temple.   Herod the Great had begun to build the temple, but not yet completed.

Witness For The Defense! – Conquer The World

Most recently, I wrote to you about the family of Isaac, (60- years-old at the time of their birth) Rebekah, Esau and Jacob (the twins). Allow me to share an important detail with you as it attaches to this segment. You recall Rebekah had a difficult pregnancy, which pressed her to go to God and speak to Him about it and attain His divine perspective.  

Think It Through FIRST! – Conquer The World Part 14

Do you remember the twins Jacob and Esau, the sons of Rebekah and Isaac? Old Testament scriptural accounts do not cease to be convincing and filled with daily lessons for life. Rebekah was experiencing a difficult pregnancy and consulted Jehovah. Jehovah explained to her Let’s look at Genesis 27:1-35:15. This segment talks about Jacob and Esau, and Rebekah more specifically.