Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Ask Dr. Jeanette”™ Success On “The Way”    “Dominion” 
August 4, 2022
Ask Dr. Jeanette”™ Success On “The Way”    “Dominion”  Let’s define what we believe is commonly meant or understood as “dominion?” This word is stated in ... ... read more »
 Eye Of The Mind 
July 28, 2022
Right from the beginning, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, knew what was in man. He knew that man was classified to Him with disobedience even from his youth (Genesis 8:20-21). ... read more »
The Seeker Is Calling You 
July 21, 2022
Jesus was criticized for going to the house of Zacchaeus because Zacchaeus was viewed as a big time sinner. Jesus made it clear, “I have come to save that which was lost.” He did not come to just feather the cap of someone who already had it going on, ... read more »
Path of The Surgeon 
July 14, 2022
Jesus’ actions were always significant. Everything He did bore worthy of being talked about or becoming angry about or worth writing about or questioning His actions.   ... read more »
The Voice That Hears Part 2 
July 7, 2022
Our Lord hears! He is working on your petition. He is arranging things to get to you in answer of your prayers.   ... read more »
Ask Dr. Jeanette”™ Success On “The Way” ‘The Voice That Hears’
June 30, 2022
Many people “hear” but do not listen, act, or respond. Some listen passively. Probably, parents would be firsthand witnesses to talk about what their children and young adults hear. ... read more »
Ask Dr. Jeanette”™ Success On “The Way”   June 10, 2022          “Let’s Talk About Love” Part 3 
June 23, 2022
Don’t you just love to talk about “LOVE?” Some would say, “Yes. I love to talk love, too.” (This one takes on a romantic sound).   ... read more »
“Let’s Talk About Love” Part 2 
June 2, 2022
Some might ask, “What could be better than wine?” Some might answer, “A good cup of hot coffee.” Others might answer, “Just give me a soda.” Where can we find a writing in our Bible which supports this…” better than wine?”   ... read more »
Let’s Talk About Love – Part 1 
May 26, 2022
We can ask ourselves from which perspective do we look at love? How do we define love? How does love look? Would you recognize love if you saw love or experienced love?   ... read more »
 The Great Divide. He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not” 
May 12, 2022
In the beginning, jealousy played a major and irreversible role in where we are today. My thinking is that when God decided to create male and female, ... read more »
Ask Dr. Jeanette”™  Success On “The Way”     Lethal Weapon #1,000,000,000,000,000,000 
April 7, 2022
Since trillion can be an indefinite number and we cannot even count how many lies are told compounded, I am guesstimating that’s the number. Admittedly and obviously, I don’t know.  ... read more »
“Ask Dr. Jeanette”™ Success On “The Way”   Power of ‘The Seed of the Woman – Part 2 
March 31, 2022
Royals had pursued over generations seeking to “stop the coming of the seed of the woman.” Athaliah killed all the seed royal (2 Chronicles 22:10)    Only the babe Joash was rescued and hidden.   ... read more »
“Ask Dr. Jeanette”™ Success On “The Way”   “The “Seed of the Woman Returns” 
March 24, 2022
There are many who would have you believe that Jesus Christ is a myth. Don’t believe them! There is overwhelming and insurmountable Biblical evidence that there is the Son of God and the Father, who has a Divine Son (The Son of God) who was sent from the Father and sent by the Father to save people from their multiple wrongdoings and come to heaven and live with Jesus!  ... read more »
Love Our Enemies
March 10, 2022
This is a hard one; but not impossible. It’s much easier to think about our enemies and feel anger, hostility and want to get even with them for what they have done or are doing.   ... read more »
Do You See What I See
February 9, 2022
We look at things differently. We see people, things, events and happenings all according to our own experiences. That subject has been existent hundreds, thousands of years before now. And it is a subject that causes wide controversy. Look at her! Look at him!   ... read more »

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