Dr. Jeanette Parker

Blow the Trumpet! – Conquer The World Part 18.  

Who does not want to “conquer the world” and overcome life’s challenges? Moses had been faithful. He had led the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage, parted the Red Sea, endured the plagues and more. He died. God needed a successor to continue leading and guiding the Israelites through the wilderness and to the “Promised Land.”   

Kick The Flesh to The Curb! – Conquer The World Series

As you envelope these readings, consider how things of old affect us in present times. It’s true that we mostly do not celebrate the formalities of “the birthright” and its structure. However, we have heard even today about the priority of the oldest child. But the birthright privileges can be lost. We see that with Esau.  

Witness For The Defense! – Conquer The World

Most recently, I wrote to you about the family of Isaac, (60- years-old at the time of their birth) Rebekah, Esau and Jacob (the twins). Allow me to share an important detail with you as it attaches to this segment. You recall Rebekah had a difficult pregnancy, which pressed her to go to God and speak to Him about it and attain His divine perspective.  

Think It Through FIRST! – Conquer The World Part 14

Do you remember the twins Jacob and Esau, the sons of Rebekah and Isaac? Old Testament scriptural accounts do not cease to be convincing and filled with daily lessons for life. Rebekah was experiencing a difficult pregnancy and consulted Jehovah. Jehovah explained to her Let’s look at Genesis 27:1-35:15. This segment talks about Jacob and Esau, and Rebekah more specifically.  

 “Rise of the 10 Toes – Conquer The World” Part 6 

We will look more carefully at the meaning of some of the terms herein. The idolatrous mind yields to the abominations of “the harlot.” We don’t want our iniquities to rise to the heights that God’s sovereignty demands Him to bring on judgement. This article offers an opportunity to look at what God means when he addresses the pagans who hold idolatrous thoughts and act them out.   

Conversations With The Lord

Who has not heard about Job, one of the oldest Old Testament scriptures. Job’s lifetime age was 1726-1516 B.C. That places him at 140 years + 70 years puts his age at lifetime that he lived to be 210 years.  

“What’s the Dress?!”Part 1 

You see people all the time and watch them everyday. Right. Sometimes we can become people watchers instead of bird watchers.