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It was around 1685-1531 B.C. when the king of Egypt directly spoke to the midwives. We don’t hear too much about midwives today; however, there are those who still deliver babies.  

The Egyptians made the children of Israel to serve with great rigor and made their lives bitter with hard bondage, in mortar and brick and in all manner of services in the field (Exodus 1:13) Not only were the Egyptians harsh to the Israelites; but Pharoah had commissioned the Hebrew midwives named Shiphreh and Puah to kill the Hebrew boy babies, but save the girls.  

The midwives who feared God would not kill the baby boys. They had a great conscience and would not follow the Pharoah’s command. Stating that the Hebrew women are lively, the midwives said the Egyptian women already delivered by the time they came in.  

The Pharoah was angry and questioned them, but to no avail. God saw through the whole plot and blessed the midwives, giving them more deliveries because of their obedience. The same kind of plot to kill the Hebrew babies was practiced during the time of Jesus and Moses. This conspiracy to kill the Jews is current in time past and until this day.  

Mordecai concealed Esther’s identity of being a Jew. Jehovah had placed Mordecai’s heart to do this. Did he know or was he aware of what was coming? Did he suspect there would rise up another evil leader to do away with the Jews? As a point in this conversation, the identity of “Jew” came into the forefront because the Gentiles called the Israelites “Jews.” We want to be uplifting. I might say a person is of Jewish heritage.  

Mordecai was an outstanding servant to Ahasuerus. He sat in the king’s gate and was a part of the king’s household. Mordecai had strongly taught Esther (Hadassah) to not admit that she was “a Jew.” As we read further, we find that was far-reaching prophetic advice.  

Esther had made it to the king’s favor to become his queen. She was beautiful to look upon. The previous queen, Vashti, had shunned the king’s invitation to come and dance at all the men’s feasts. It’s like she may have said, “I’m sick of this and I’m not going.”  

Upon her refusal to go, the men got together, those of the king’s glorious retinue and decided with the king’s consent to oust Vashti. They considered her a danger to the whole kingdom and would upset all the women who might go into a rebellion against the men.  

Esther comes into the picture during which time Haman enters the picture. He was evil to the core. King Ahasuerus and Haman were “tight”, and it appears the king would do whatever Haman desired. When he told him that there are people who refuse to bow down to him, the king adhered to Haman’s request to destroy and annihilate the Jews.  

The king agreed to do so. Haman had gotten a promotion and assumed he was the most admired in the kingdom. In preparation for his self-admiration, greed and advancement, he was so sure that he prepared a gallows for Mordecai.  

God Jehovah intervened to stop this evil plot against the Jews. Mordecai told Esther through a messenger what was about to happen. Esther was fearful and hesitant to risk her life by going to the king’s chambers without being called.  

Mordecai warned Esther that even if you do not intercede for your people, you will be killed and all other Jews. And how do you know that you are chosen for “such a time as this.” Ahasuerus found favor in Esther and heard her request and granted her wish. She wanted to hold a banquet where the king and Haman would be called.  

Haman was filled with greed and was not attentive to possible results. At the feast, Esther announced that there was a plot to kill the Jews. The king had agreed to be paid by Haman a large amount to put into the king’s treasuries.  

Esther and her entourage fasted and prayed for three days for Esther. The tables turned on Haman. His evil advice from his greedy wife turned back on them. Haman was hung on the gallows.  

A point here is that one might think this was a hanging from the neck, but most likely, it was impaled. Sometimes, it’s hard to pray for our enemies; however, I do pray for the salvation of their souls.  

Jesus Christ is the righteous judge who watches and knows everything. Sometimes, we might surmise that God is not watching; however, He will intervene on our behalf. 

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