Areva Martin

Bank of America BPG Southern California Presents: Black History Month Cultural Celebration

Please join Southern California BPG for our upcoming Black History Month Celebration at the historic California African American Museum where key influencers discuss the Power to Make a Difference! Early arrival is suggested as the evening will start with complimentary access to the museum’s Black History Month exhibits. This will be followed by a powerful panel discussion moderated by Craig Young, Director, MLWM Market Executive. Guests can also expect a full buffet, drinks and live entertainment. Guest panelists will include: Areva Martin, Award winning civil rights attorney, advocate, author, and TV personality Danny Bakewell Jr.,  Second generation family owner of the Los Angeles Sentinel &

 LAUSD Superintendent Beutner Meets with Local Black Press to Push for Education Amid Talks of Teacher Strike   

Winter break is over and school is back in session but this time without teachers? On December 19, 2018, United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) announced that they would be going on strike on during the start of the 2019 school year if the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) superintendent Austin Beutner failed to adhere to the following demands…

Compromise Is the Best Solution for Our Kids in Battle Between LAUSD Teachers and Administration

The teacher’s union is threatening to strike because it says current conditions are unbearable. They say teacher’s salaries have not kept up with cost of living increases; over crowded classes with 40 or more students makes quality instruction impossible.  And they say they need more ancillary help: nurses, social workers and librarians in every school.

Compromise is the Best Solution for Our Kids in Battle Between LAUSD Teachers and Administration

It’s easy to know which side to pick when villains dress in all black and sport five o’clock shadows. But rarely is life that simple. During my legal career, I’ve found there’s often a gray area—no archetypical bad guy—only two opposing sides with competing interests.  That’s where we find ourselves right now in the ongoing battle between LA Unified School District and United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA). And although neither side has indicated a willingness to capitulate on their respective positions, my years of experience as a litigator and children’s rights advocate lead me to conclude that in this epic battle, putting our kids first means each side must compromise.

Retired Judges: Cosby Should Get Probation

The comedian and his legal teams have all been critical of Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill, but if O’Neill follows the guidelines that two retired judges have laid out to NNPA Newswire, Cosby might never see the inside of a prison cell.


“Nuclear Chemist Crowned Miss USA!” That should’ve been the headline.
When a 25-year-old scientist from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission wins a beauty pageant, it ought to rattle the cages of repressive, sexist stereotypes all around the world.