Senior Aaron Brown plays baseball and basketball for the Dorsey Dons (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Dorsey senior Aaron Brown competes and studies with his family in mind. He works to make them proud and aspires to take care of them.

“It makes my parents proud of me, my auntie works here,” Brown said. “It’s just putting that image on for my family. It makes my coach look good.”

Brown plays for the Dons baseball and boys basketball team. Despite several coaches complimenting his skills, Brown struggles with his confidence on the hardwood. Once he hits the baseball diamond, his insecurities drift away.

“Baseball is not really no height game or nothing like that, no strength, it’s like really IQ and how good you are technically. Everything’s really in form or motion,” Brown said. “I’m not the biggest, strongest guy, but I can throw real hard … and that’s why I was always super good at baseball.”

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Prior to playing for Dorsey, Brown pitched a no-hitter during a championship game. He believes that would be the sport that he is more likely to get a college scholarship in.

“That’s the sport I’m best at,” Brown said. “Baseball, I have 100 percent confidence because I knew how good I was.”

Basketball was a sport he grew to like through his father; Brown grew more passionate in the sport when he became a high school student. When self-doubt crept in for Brown, his coach would remind him to believe in himself.

“He always gave me a confidence boost,” Brown said. “I used to doubt myself because of my size but my coach showed me I really can be great.”

Brown balances being a student and an athlete by finding time to do work during school hours. He knows that if he does not have good grades, he will not be eligible to play sports and will have to answer to his mother.

“I always put the work first because no matter what, the basketball is still gonna be here,” Brown said. “School got to come first.”

During his junior year, Brown’s favorite class was history. He enjoyed learning about the different wars that took place in the past.

“When I’m in that class, I’m actually ready to learn, I’m ready to listen,” Brown said. “War is my favorite subject when it comes to history.”