Serra senior Kyli Bixon is the captain of the Cavaliers girls flag football team (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Serra senior running back Kyli Bixon has played several sports, but her favorite has been flag football. The Cavaliers recently won the Girls Flag Football League of Champions Super Bowl.

“Having the opportunity, having it come to our school, something new, it got me excited,” Bixon said. “Now it’s the future for us and other women, so it’s exciting.”

Bixon is the captain of the Cavaliers girls’ flag football team, despite being occasionally shy.

“I love all my teammates,” she said. “Each game we grow and grow, we learn. We had a rocky road, we learn from it … at the end of the day, we have each other’s back.”

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A highlight for Bixon when playing flag football is scoring a touchdown or watching a teammate score.

“It’s always a proud moment when you score,” Bixon said. “It’s so exciting, it’s like you won the lottery.”

The best advice that she has received was from Chargers manager of football development Angellica Grayson. She talked about the importance of facing fears.

“You face it, or you run or you face it and strive,” Bixon said. “I’m gonna face my fears and I’m gonna strive and push and push.”

When Bixon is having problems with her game, she can count on her coaches to help her persevere.

“Sometimes, I have my off days and good days, times I won’t catch the ball or mess up and I have great coaches that push me through it,” Bixon said. “My coaches pray for me, I’ll suck it up, I’ll get through it, I’ll run another route and catch the next one.”

While competing in flag football, Bixon made sure her schoolwork was a top priority. Because of her efforts in the classroom, she earned presidential scholarships.

“I’m busy, but I’m still holding it down, I have great grades,” Bixon said. “I’m proud of myself and my progress and how far I’ve come.”

Bixon noted that the younger version of herself would be proud of her efforts. Her favorite class is math and she is currently taking Pre-Calculus. Her favorite part of learning math is deciphering difficult problems.

Bixon has been playing sports since she was five years old, she spent four years running track and playing soccer from the age of nine to 14 years old. Bixon also played basketball for a season and competed in gymnastics.

“Soccer helped me with my footwork and then track helped with speed so they both came in handy,” Bixon said.

In the future, Bixon aspires to be a veterinarian, an OB/GYN, or a pediatrician.

“I do want to continue football in college,” Bixon said. “I’m just so helpful, I have a loving heart so I want to do something that helps other people.”