“Hold On!” “I’m Coming!” 

I had the pleasure of participating in “The National Day of Prayer” Teleconference on Thursday, May 2. My subject was built around last week’s title: “Not by the Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin,” using the rhyme as a parable focusing on the families of single mothers and fathers with the scriptural base of Luke 9:38-43.  

Good Mentorship Causes a Mental Shift Top of Form 

Over the years I have coached and mentored many people.  I have also had the opportunity to be coached and mentored.  I have grown immensely from the wisdom and guidance of those who have sown into me. I believe it is a good practice to have a coach and a mentor in your life.  Together they can offer you a whole new way of looking at things in a way you may have never imagined.  

Are You Willing to be Open-Minded?

Many of us allow past experiences or even something someone else experienced to get in the way of where we are today and what could be best for us during the current season we are living.

Politicians, Lies and Straight up BS

Isn’t it sad, at best and pathetic, that lies and lying have gone viral in America?  You do know that this type of behavior is not really foreign to America and American culture. Lying, cheating, stealing and “BS”ing is as American as apple pie and baseball. How else could anyone with an IQ over 2 explain the nearly 74 million plus Americans voting for an orange mendacious madman pretending to be human?

Gallup Finds Black Generational Divide on Affirmative Action  

Each spring, many aspiring students and their families begin receiving college acceptance letters and offers of financial aid packages. This year’s college decisions will add yet another consideration: the effects of a 2023 Supreme Court, 6-3 ruling that ended the use of affirmative action. No longer can race be considered as one of many other factors to reach college admissions decisions. 

End the Ticket-Selling Monopoly in California

As president of the California Black Chamber, I have the privilege of advocating for small businesses throughout the state. However, music is my passion and has been my life’s work.


Description of the mugger: tall, dark and handsome; eyes: bloodshot, changes colors; eyebrows: dark, bold well-manicured; ears: not demonstrably different from others, earrings sometimes or not; smile: smug and enticing; voice/speech: able to change instantaneously without notice, excellent, enticing, convincing, distinguishable speaker; shoulders/figure: broad or shapely..may wear shoulder pads to imitate height and muscles; hair: curly, straight, kinky, short, long; dress: cross dresses at times to conceal identity going either way; feet and hands: may be smooth or rough depending on immediate presence; face: charismatic impression and actions, most attractive or quite unattractive; personality: able to adapt presentation depending on

Is it Because They’re Black Women?

Women are 2 to 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with lupus than men and lupus is most prevalent among women of color.

Addressing Organized Retail Theft While Upholding Civil Liberties  

Organized retail theft is a significant issue that impacts both consumers and businesses. While it is crucial to address theft and protect businesses from losses, we should also be mindful of safeguarding individuals’ constitutional rights, particularly the right to due process. 

Césaire, Colonialism and the Genocidal War in Palestine: Concerning Israel, the U.S., Europe and Hitlerian Havoc 

As we witness and work and struggle to end the Israeli genocidal war against the Palestinian people, the century-old brutal intervention and occupation of Haiti, the U.S. and Europe complicity and culpability in these horrors, and the savage oppressions of various kinds across the globe, a critical look at history is morally, intellectually, and politically imperative.