Dr. Jeanette Parker 

There is a message in what is happening today and daily messages to help us live better lives to hear the messages. Open a keen ear to hear. That’s not always easy to do. But, we’re capable. The more we listen for guidance, we become better listeners. Not every thought which comes into our minds is “the” message to listen to. We become discriminating in our response. We can develop to become better listeners and prayer warriors.

Lord, have mercy on us. Show us the way to go. Reveal to us your way and to those who are misguided. I know you always hear your children though we cry night and day, your ear is ever ready to hear and respond. Let us not faint, become weary or lose heart as we wait on you in our prayers. Create within us clean hearts O’God and renew within us the clean Spirit. Forgive us of our sins, for we have sinned against you in ways that some of us know, but sometimes we are sinning against you and don’t even know it. Examine us as we examine ourselves. Restore our country. Change us that we may glorify you more and more. Help us through your great mercies. Forgive us. Shower your blessings on us. Mold us more into your image. Reveal to us our secret faults. These words we lift up to you in your heavenly abode. “Jeremiah 27:5 He created everything in heaven and under the heavens with His outstretched arm. Psalm 50:15 Call on the Lord in time of trouble. I will rescue you and you will give me glory. The Lord has spoken.”

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