Who Rules The World? 

Around 822-800 B.C., Syria and Israel had not been at war for about three years. Jehoshaphat (king of Judah) visited Ahab (king of Israel). Ahab was talking to his employees (servants), reminding them about a territory that belonged to them (Ramoth in Gilead and “we have not taken it back).  

Is Success The Big Time? 

Jesus is always on the move. He moves through His divine timeline with the goal of offering Himself up as the final sacrifice by hanging on the cross for the offer of salvation to eternal life to all who will accept His proposal, presentation, and announcement of the “good news.”  

 “The Deception of Mental Imprisonment”  

Journeying on through time, we read of Moses’ life in Exodus 2:1. He was born into the family of Levi, the priestly tribe. When Moses was born, his parents took notice that there was something about him, something that God had put on him and they saw there was something very special about this child. Scripture says, “a “goodly child.”  

“Crossing The Line part 2 – The Trial of Conscience”

Did you hear what He said? Shhhh. He’s speaking. Listen. He said is something very important.   Did I hear my voice or did I hear “HIS” voice?  I may write you of ancient things and circumstances, nevertheless, the reasons and characteristics are similar. Times may change, but circumstances and needed results are and can be the same.   Samuel, the prophet, goes to Saul. You will recall that Saul was the first king of Israel. Look at what is happening and compare it to today’s events. Samuel says in God’s name, solemnly requires Saul to be obedient to the command of

 Eye Of The Mind 

Right from the beginning, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, knew what was in man. He knew that man was classified to Him with disobedience even from his youth (Genesis 8:20-21). He didn’t need anyone to tell Him about man or explain to Him what was in man because He already knew what was in man.   So it is today because He knows the thoughts and intents of the heart. He knows the end before the beginning. It’s a big mistake for any person regardless of the gender status that they may claim, the all-knowing God, Creator of humankind and animal kind, He

The Seeker Is Calling You 

Jesus was criticized for going to the house of Zacchaeus because Zacchaeus was viewed as a big time sinner. Jesus made it clear, “I have come to save that which was lost.” He did not come to just feather the cap of someone who already had it going on, but He came to fill the lives of those who wanted their lives “filled to the brim.” He came to the lost who wanted salvation and those who were seeking something more fulfilling in their lives. So was the case with Zacchaeus, who exercised the same kind of faith as Abraham.

 The Great Divide. He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not” 

In the beginning, jealousy played a major and irreversible role in where we are today. My thinking is that when God decided to create male and female, the adversary lost position. And when he fell, he determined that “I’m going to break up this whole universe and give God as many problems as possibly can.”    Being unsuccessful at doing that, he attempted to dismantle the entire angelic hierarchy. His goal was to tear down God himself and make his pride rise above God. He could not do that then; nor can he do that now. He was angry then and