Let Us Do It: A Prayer for the Special Counsel, U.S District Judge, DA, and Jurists

Let us humble our hearts and call on the name of Jesus for divine protection over our judicial system. O Lord, we pray for the many individuals involved with the four indictments and 91 charges against the former President of the United States. No one should endure threats, vicious attacks, or abusive degradation for their jobs as judges, lawyers, state, local, county officials, and jurists. We pray, especially for the Special Counsel Jack Smith, chosen by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland. Let him not become weary in well doing. Guide him and order his steps in everything he does according

‘All Rise’ for Actress Simone Missick

In the opening scene for the third season of “All Rise,” we believe Lola Carmichael (played by Simone Missick) has lost her election and her seat as a judge only to reveal that she actually won.

World Mourns Passing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Condolences poured in from around the world in respond to the passing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a renowned theologian and civil rights activist who fought tirelessly to dismantle apartheid in South Africa.

Guidance for 2022 – From Mess to a Miracle

God takes you through mess to reveal a miracle. 2021 has been a mess of epic proportions. The insurrection, oil spill, economic set back, supply chain debacle, vaccine fears, the Omicron variant, and fear of another national shut down. If we ever needed God to turn a mess into a miracle, it’s right now. 

Second Baptist and Bikers Unite to Pray for Community Healing

Second Baptist Church joined with the Inner City Cycling Connection (ICCC) to mark the birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and pray for healing in African American communities throughout Los Angeles. An hour-long prayer session, led by Second Baptist Pastor William S. Epps, kicked-off the event, which also featured participation by more than 50 cyclists. Also, community members could take advantage of free testing for COVID-19. According to a statement issued by ICCC, the group’s members “cycle through a city where the neighborhoods have changed just like the terrain, we push and pedal towards the mountain top…we

The Amazing Health Benefits of Spiritual Wellness

Did you know that spiritual wellness has a significant impact on your physical health?  If you’re wondering how spirituality and physical health is connected, research has shown that spirituality — the state of being in tune with our spiritual selves, mostly through mindfulness, meditation, and prayer, allows us to: lower our stress levels, feel more gratitude and satisfaction, achieve a renewed sense of purpose and form meaningful and healthier relationships with others. These spiritual wellness results usually translate into various physical health benefits, including: Improved Sleep – greater emotional satisfaction boots your dopamine levels (aka “happy hormones”), allowing you to

Words of the Week – You Look Like a Christian

You get up, get dressed, and sit in the pew and say, “Amen,” “Praise the Lord,” “Hallelujah” and all the other appropriate responses Christians give during the worship service. You go to Sunday School or Sabbath school; you stay for the main service or go to all of them because you love church so much. Church members can count on you to help out at the church picnic, feeding the homeless and passing out literature. You are respected and maybe even revered for your unwavering faith, giving tithes, helping out — you are just an amazing child of God. It

Words of the Week – Ordinary and Unschooled But I Have Been with Jesus

Scripture – Acts 3: 13 The disciples, Peter and John, were considered ordinary men, untrained and unschooled in the perspective of the Jewish authorities of the day.  Unschooled, negatively, in that those who were educated looked down on them, turned their noses up at them and even bullied them. There’s somebody who knows what it feels like when somebody is looking down on you. Knows what it feels like to not belong, don’t exist, are not credible, and don’t matter because you do not measure up to their standards. It did no matter what you did, what you said or