Taste of Soul Family Festival

Experience the Best Brittle in L.A. at 2023 Taste of Soul

After overcoming years of severe depression, Bernadette Taylor found her passion making homemade candy brittle for her family and friends. In 2015, Taylor started her business Brittle Diddle and has been successful since.    Unexpectedly, tragedy struck in 2021 when her son was murdered. Before his passing, he expressed his delight for her candies and made recipe suggestions that would result in bestsellers.    Now fast-forward to 2023, Brittle Diddle will be at this year’s annual Taste of Soul Family Festival on Saturday, October 21.   The self-proclaimed “Best Brittle in Los Angeles County” stuff their candies with a variety of flavors like

Artist Melanie Fiona Brings the Vocal Sounds of Healing R&B Music to the Hyundai Soundstage  

In 2009, Melanie Fiona released her debut single “Give It to Me Right” which became the staple R&B song for all women who were in relationships or leaving from a romantic relationship. Nine years later, Fiona is still producing some of the greatest R&B hits. However this time, she is sharing her music with 350,000 people on the Hyundai Soundstage during the 13th annual Taste of Soul Family Festival.  

Dr. William King Joins Community for the Third Time at this Year’s Taste of Soul 

“Through college, through medical school, through my residency and post op school, I learned the importance of seeing my patients as my fellow community members,” said Los Angeles Internist, Dr. William King. For the third time, King is bringing his medical practice to Bakewell Media’s Taste of Soul in October. This year, King told the Sentinel, he and his team will be focusing on the medical station, where attendees can go for things like chest pain, shortness of breath or wounds. He’ll also be offering testing for HIV and Hepatitis C. “I’ve always been interested in becoming a physician, since