Prioritizing health and fitness are challenging, but equally rewarding efforts. Each year, month, and week, people recommit themselves to a better lifestyle through exercise and diet.

Patrice Stevenson, Owner (Courtesy Photo)

Enlisting the help of enhancers/ supplements, active/ shape wear, and a solid health plan can kickstart the change some are looking for. Bodied by Patrice will be at the annual Taste of Soul Family Festival on Saturday, October 21, with products and professional insight for transforming bodies and building confidence.

Owner and the face of the company, Patrice Stevenson, started Bodied by Patrice as a result of her own personal journey. In November 2017, Stevenson began to take health and fitness seriously and formed her business in February 2018.

She was looking for solutions to help take off some unwanted weight quickly. Stevenson came across products that helped her reach her goals and received positive feedback from friends and family after noticing her lifestyle change. Their questions sparked her interest in business, she started selling sample products, and according to her, the rest is history.

Bodied by Patrice sells quality slimming solutions as well as back and knee support like waist trainers, sweat belts, support belts, slimming vests, compression garments, knee sleeves, active wear, hot cream, detox tea, and more. Their most popular products are the No Roll and Game Changer waist trainer bundles.

10 to 50 Campaign & Bodied by Patrice Products (Courtesy Photo)

Bodied by Patrice waist trainers are designed to provide the perfect balance of support, compression, and flexibility, allowing you to wear them comfortably during workouts or throughout the day, and are meticulously crafted using premium materials that ensure durability, comfort, and maximum waist cinching effects.

The company understands that true beauty comes from within and is enhanced from a strong core and is passionate about helping customers unlock their full potential. They offer quality assurance and provide excellent customer service as starting a fitness journey is a personal and vulnerable choice. Taste of Soul patrons can stop by their booth to experience Bodied by Patrice and find support for their goals. Stevenson will be there to share her expertise and guidance from her years in the areas of fitness, proper dieting, and waist training.

Learn more at,  on Instagram at Patrice Stevenson (@_bodiedbypatrice), and Facebook at BodiedByPatrice.