Gospel Stage co-producer Niele Anderson, local gospel artist Markees Williams with  Brenda Marsh Mitchell Gospel Stage Headliners Norma Hutchins and Mali Music (TOS photographer)

The Brenda Marsh-Mitchell Gospel Stage presented by City National Bank was a blessed place to be at the 18th Annual Taste of Soul Family Festival on Saturday, Oct. 21.

Bishop Norman Hutchins and Mali Music headlined the daylong concert and several artists performed as well. One of the highlights of the day was the ministry of Patrick Bolton.

With over 30 years in the music industry as a producer, composer, conductor, singer, and CEO of Los Angeles-based PboMusic Entertainment, Patrick Bolton is all about ministry. His love for God and music is evident throughout his work.

He and his group of “not playin’ with it” singers were on Holy Ghost fire, and everyone in the crowd appeared to be joyfully taking in what the LORD was doing through Bolton’s anointed and effective ministry.

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The joyous crowd danced, lifted their hands, and were all smiles while they partook of what God was doing through Bolton and the anointed singers and talented musicians accompanying him.  There wasn’t a sad face in the crowd.

Patrick Boltons ministers to the crowd.  (Denise J. Gibbs/L.A. Sentinel)

Bolton came off the stage and went out to where the people were to minister when it was really time for him to go and the people loved it.  He gave the personal touch – a connection that was felt, experienced, and certainly will not be forgotten.

Describing his interaction with the crowd, Bolton explained, “It’s all ministry.  There are a lot of people out there who feel that they have been forgotten. COVID really did a lot to people. I lost my brother to COVID.”

He continued, “I just want to help people that have really been going through these times. I know that people have been going through for years, but these are some very trying times we are in right now. People need to be encouraged, and I am just trying to encourage people.”

“There were a lot of people that were out there today that I know were sick, and they’re going through in their body right now, but because they were out there praising God, God honors that,” said Bolton.

J. Kingdom and choir (TOS photographer)

Other performers of the day were Markees Williams, Shari Demby-Ravenell, Lady Zhe, Patrick Bolton and Madelin Mosely-Nueble.  Ensemble selections were presented by the CME Church Choir, Dr. Fielding Grace Choir, Inner City Mass Choir, Michael Larry Gospel, and J. Kingdom, which is headed by Pastor Michael J.T. Fisher of Greater Zion Church Family. Also, Lil Chosen, Rohn & Reborn, The Woods Sisters, and Smith and Sons of Jericho performed.

Managing Editor Cora Jackson-Fossett contributed to this article.