Black-ish Star Marsai Martin to be Honored by HBCU Spelman College’s Alumnae Association in Los Angeles

Courtesy Photo: Marsai Martin (LOS ANGELES, CA) – 15-year old producer, entrepreneur, and award-winning actor Marsai Martin (Black-ish, Little) is among the honorees for the National Alumnae Association of Spelman College – Los Angeles Chapter’s Sisters’ Awards Brunch. In its 26th year, the brunch has raised more than $530,000 in scholarship funds for incoming Spelman freshman from the Los Angeles area. Martin, at just 15-years-old, is already on course to be a whirlwind sensation. At the age of five she landed her first national commercial and shortly after relocating to Los Angeles, she was cast as Diane Johnson on the ABC

Opinion: Dear Hollywood, Wise Up On Aging

Does Hollywood lead or follow when it comes to important social causes? Judging by recent concerns – of equality, equity and diversity – it mostly follows. The bottom line, that is: the money, the box office, the ratings. Which is only fair since entertainment is business, after all, not charity.

Talk Freedom to the People: Framing Our Future in Struggle

In the fierce and inhuman face of oppression and unfreedom that we confronted in the Sixties, we stood up and declared and demanded of ourselves and others that we talk freedom to the people. And over five decades later, we have not abandoned, diluted or deviated from this indispensable ethical imperative and practice. For conditions of oppression and unfreedom remain even today and thus the fight remains unfinished and the struggle must continue, deepen and intensify. So, let us continue to talk freedom to the people.

At just 14, Marsai Martin is a Hollywood Mogul in the Making

LOS ANGELES (AP) — You might have heard the story by now: That Marsai Martin pitched “Little,” a modern spin on “Big,” to Universal Pictures at age 10. It’s true, she did, but that precocious move was preceded by another, more impressive act of rebellion and a pivotal moment in putting her on the path to becoming the youngest executive producer ever: She fired her agents after the first year of “black-ish.” The ABC show, in which she plays the Johnson’s whip-smart daughter, Diane, was on its first hiatus and Martin and her family wanted to know what opportunities there

Fall TV set to feature proactive, thoughtful Black programming

This fall’s television lineup is bringing much more color to the small screen.

ABC’s runaway hit Black-ish premiered its second season on September 23, where it tackled the controversial use of the N-word. In the episode, the family’s youngest son, Jack’s use of the word sets of a series of panicked reactions from the family and community members alike.