Jordan senior De’Marion Brown is a dual sport athlete who enjoys drawing and swimming (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Senior De’Marion Brown helped the Jordan Bulldogs earn their first CIF City Section Championship since 1980. He plays a variety of positions with the Bulldogs, including wide receiver, cornerback, linebacker, and quarterback.

“I love the sport,” Brown said about football. “It keeps me positive. It’s just something I like to do.”

Jordan had an 11-4 overall record; they also paced the Metro League with a 4-0 record. He served as a team captain; Brown believes his work ethic and his ability to hold his teammates accountable is what got him the role.

“I really don’t like talking a lot, I’m very quiet,” Brown said. “Being a leader has helped me more being able to express myself or talk to people.”

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The biggest lesson Brown learned from a coach is to never give up regardless of what others say.

“Never give up working hard, 100 percent, even when nobody is looking at you,” he said. “Work hard.”

Brown also competes in basketball. Running from both ends of the court built up his stamina for football season.

“Basketball, you don’t get no plays off, you’re going back and forth every time you score,” Brown said. “My vertical got better playing basketball. My IQ because you got to have a lot of IQ in basketball and that helps a lot in football now.”

Playing football gave him the mental fortitude to not let the actions of opponents cause him to make bad decisions.

“Football, it can get physical and people can try to get under your skin,” Brown said. “Football is a more different speed than basketball, so that helped my speed, catching, and just being a coachable player.”

Brown takes pride in being a student athlete, he flaunts a 3.2 GPA.

“It just amazes me, I can do it,” he said. “A lot of people don’t have that talent to play football and being able to have a talented football team, it’s just amazing.”

Brown’s favorite class is art. He has been drawing since his elementary school years. His favorite drawing of his is one of Goku from the show “Dragon Ball Z.”

“There’s a lot of stuff that you can learn from art,” Brown said. “Art is everywhere around the world.”

Brown enjoys spending time with his family and pets; he also enjoys swimming. In the future, he aspires to play football and become an engineer.

“I love working with technology,” Brown said. “I’ve been working with tech since I was five years old.”