Coach Miller has been coaching for 31 years (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Veteran coach Marguet Miller is now the head coach of the Southwest Cougars football team. Miller, who coached at West Los Angeles College for 14 seasons, mentioned how the move is a benefit to him and the program.

“We have a further reach, being here is geographically a better location to recruit,” Miller said. “We’re actually recruiting players that we couldn’t recruit at West L.A. because the geographics.”

Southwest College is a place that Miller considers as home. He was born and raised in the community surrounding the campus.

“Southwest was the first school I’ve ever heard of growing up,” Miller said. “The school was built the year I was born.”

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Miller has recruited players from several different cities, including Whittier, Compton, Cerritos, and Long Beach. He noted how the campus location and facilities helped in attracting recruits.

“It’s a beautiful campus and our facilities where the football team use is a great facility,” Miller said. “Kids 18 years old, that’s what they’re attracted to and they can see themselves lifting weights here, meeting here, using a big locker room, using a nice field.”

Along with being a coach, Miller also teaches kinesiology classes and is an associate professor in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD). He even teaches a class that helps student athletes succeed beyond the junior college level.

“I teach the students all the transfer rules, how to be successful in college when you get there,” Miller said. “All the pitfalls and things that derail a student’s academic and athletic career … I get a chance to teach a vast variety of students for sure.”

The academic well-being of his players is important to Miller; he noted how the GPA of teams rises when he is at the helm. His last team at West L.A. College had a 3.01 GPA, according to Miller.

“Raising up the team GPA, keeping track of the players that have graduated from universities,” Miller said. “It’s a great recruiting pitch to parents and the players is that we can help you get your education.”

Miller always wants his students to know the importance of accountability.

“Most of the students, they’ll become dads and husbands,” Miller said. “You want them to be accountable for their actions because down the line, they’re going to be in charge of taking care of somebody else.”

During his 31 years of coaching, Miller was an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator at Mt. San Antonio. A highlight was the years Mt. SAC earned national prominence.

“We recruited a national championship team, the first national championship at Mt. SAC,” Miller said. “A few years back they actually put our national championship team into the Hall of Fame.”