In celebration of the Los Angeles Sentinel’s 90th anniversary and honoring our newly elected Mayor Karen Bass, we will be giving away complimentary tickets to our 2023 Power, Leadership & Influence of the Black Woman event on Saturday, April 15, 2023 11am-2pm at the Beverly Hilton. Click to sign up for a chance to win a complimentary ticket. Tickets will be selected at random and are first come, first serve. If selected, you will be contacted by a LA Sentinel team member.

If you are interested in sponsoring, please send email directly to [email protected]

 A word from creator, Danny J. Bakewell, Sr.

I want to thank you all for your support in empowering Black women. My motivation for creating this powerful women’s event has been two-fold; my personal experience of working with each of the incredible women who the awards are named for, and recognizing along the way, their strength and dignity in advocating tirelessly for the advancement of our people.  Black women have played an indelible role in my life, starting from my mother, Marybell Bakewell, my grandmothers, the love of my life, my life-partner and wife, Aline Bakewell, my daughters, Brandi and Sabriya, my granddaughters , my sister, Pamela Bakewell, and my nieces. All who are women of strength and dignity, who in their own right,  work tirelessly and courageously to make the role of Black women more respected and influential everyday.

Black Women have played such an instrumental part in the fabric of our community, and certainly in my life. Taking time out to honor these women is not only fitting, but necessary. Our honorees have dedicated their lives towards the goal of making life better for Black people, both here, in Los Angeles, as well throughout this nation. The format of our event gives all sponsors the opportunity to name their table after a Powerful Black Woman Leader in their company or in the community. Other key honorees will be named.

We gather together to honor Outstanding Women who are carrying the mantel of leadership in politics, business, entertainment, community advocacy, and public service. Each of these women are bold, brilliant, beautiful and quietly work daily for the betterment of our community. They are a driving force within their chosen professions and use their Power, their Leadership Skills and Influence for the betterment of our people.

Our awards are named after five Black Women Legends who have blazed trails and broke down barriers.  Whether behind the scenes or on the front lines, these courageous women fought for the rights of their communities.  The dynamic women who paved the way for us all and stood by my side (ALWAYS) to make a difference in the lives of Black people. Each of tonight’s honorees are being presented with an award named after one of these dynamic women who paved the way for us all:

Brenda Marsh-Mitchell, my long-time confidant and personal assistant for over 45 years, and the president of Mothers In Action and Taste of Soul; Johnnie Tillmon, pioneer and activist for welfare rights and founder of Aid to Needy Children (ANC); Mary B. Henry, civil rights activist and Executive Director of Avalon Carver for over 30 years; Lillian Mobley, community Activist, known as the Community Mother who worked for justice and resources in the South Central and Watts neighborhoods; and Superior Court Judge Vaino Spencer, who founded the National Association of Women Judges, and worked personally with me (as did all of these women) to speak to employees in the City about the importance of contributing to their own communities by signing up for payroll deduction through the Brotherhood Crusade.

We invite you to enjoy this evening as we focus on Black Women, who bring us life and who are always working to improve the quality of our lives, as well as celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Los Angeles Sentinel.

If you are interested in purchasing individual ticket(s) at $500 each, please fill out the form below: