Dorsey softball defeated Manual Arts 22-7 in their previous meeting on April 6 (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel).

The Dorsey Dons softball team finished their season on a high note by defeating the Manual Arts Toilers 13-3 during their senior night game. For baseball, the Dons continue to pace the Coliseum League as of Monday, defeating the Locke Saints 6-3.

“[The Toilers] came out here and showed us that they’ve been improving,” said junior Kamiya Crayon. “We had to take the game more seriously than we thought it was before and it was very overwhelming.”

Manual Arts was the first to score, landing a run in the first inning and Dorsey responded with two runs when it was their turn at bat.

The Dons defended their home field well. Pitcher Elisa Cano shutout the Toilers in the second inning and the Dons held Manual Arts to four at bats for three consecutive innings.

Dorsey took control of the game in the fourth. Bases were loaded when junior Naomi Perez sent the ball flying outfield, gaining three RBIs from her double. Dorsey continued to score at their next at bat.

In the fifth inning, Crayon hit a triple to earn an RBI and Cano also scored another run.

“It was exciting to comeback in the fourth inning and win,” said senior Monique Malone. “The season overall, it was great; we had a lot of ups and downs but overall…we stuck together as a team.”

To close the game, Crayon smacked a double with bases loaded, sending two players home.

Dorsey softball earned a 6-10 overall record and 6-8 league record, finishing in fourth in the competitive Coliseum League.

Dorsey baseball has a 16-8 overall record (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

The Dons baseball team are working to maintain their loss-free league record as their season comes to a close. Dorsey showcased strong pitchers in Nolan Smith-Robinson and brothers Kyle and Korey LaFlora. Senior Julian Williams praised their efforts in their match up against Locke.

“We have really good pitchers, we have a couple underclassmen who is gonna be taking the reins next year,” Willams said. “They’re vital to the team now and they’re so young.”

Dorsey baseball was in a stalemate with Locke until the third inning, senior Kyle LaFlora secured an   RBI off of a triple. On the next at bat, Kyle stole home on a squeeze play. A single from junior Brandon Mercadel earned Dorsey their third run.

“We wanted to come out and dominate the whole game, but they had good pitching starting off the game,” Kyle said. “We just needed to get going and the later innings we kinda got going a little bit.”

By the fourth inning, Locke reached the scoreboard with an RBI hit from Isaias Mendoza. But Dorsey landed an RBI by freshmen Jordan Mercadel and a fifth-inning RBI from Korey.

The Saints rallied back in the seventh inning after Kyle scored a sacrifice RBI in the sixth. Junior Misaiah Nelson launched a hit deep into right field, sending junior Jose Alvarez to home plate.

Locke then earned their third run by junior Chris Vasquez, yet the Dons defense finished the game with a win.

The Dons baseball team will complete their season battling King/Drew in an away game on May 11 at 3:00P.M.