Washington Prep senior Freeman Hopkins plays for the football and boy’s basketball teams (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Washington Prep senior Freeman Hopkins always prioritizes the needs of the team, whether it be in football or basketball. He helped the Generals boy’s basketball team win the City Section Division I title and the football team reach the City Section Division III championship game.

In football, he plays as a linebacker and a running back. Hopkins is also a post player who is ready to box out and clean up a bad possession with a rebound and a bucket.

“If I just do what I got to do and then my teammates could do what they do, then that’s how we could come out through the third quarter to win,” Hopkins said after the Generals defeated the Fairfax Lions 58-46 in the City Section Division I semifinals.

Football is the main sport for Hopkins, he uses basketball to condition for football.

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“That’s the only thing that I really liked growing up,” Hopkins said. “I can take my anger out on them.”

His energy and effort towards football went beyond practicing and competing at games. He had to help keep the team afloat as coaching changes threatened to end their season prematurely. This involved encouraging his teammates to keep attending practices and staying focused on their team goals.

“We just fought through, just kept our heads up telling everybody don’t quit, don’t do nothing; we’re gonna get through it,” Hopkins said. “If we want to be champions and go all the way, we have to focus on what we need to do as a team and depend on each other.”

Being a student athlete means to finish your academic obligations before working on your athletics, according to Hopkins.

“Keep your grades up, focus in school,” he said. “After you do what you need to do in class, you just go to the field.”

Hopkins came into this basketball season with playoff experience; he helped the Generals boy’s basketball team reach the City Section Division III championship where they fell to the Vaughn White Tigers 37-69. The contest was a proud moment for Hopkins.

In basketball, Hopkins was comfortable in his role. His ability to execute his role helped Washington Prep reach the third round of the Division IV State playoffs.

Hopkins mentioned how he aspires to play college and professional basketball. He also wants to get into real estate or become a mechanic.

“Real estate, I could become my  own boss and do what I want,” Hopkins said. “When I was younger, my grandpa would like to come outside and help him with his truck and car … I’d just go outside and watch him do it.”