Harold C. Williams (Courtesy photo)


On July 27, the West Basin Board of Directors voted to become a member of the California African American Water Education Foundation (CAAWEF).

Founded in 2019, CAAWEF is a statewide, non-profit water education organization. The mission of the organization is to help inform and educate African Americans about local, regional and state water issues. The CAAWEF outreach programs focus on water quality, water rates and affordability, water equity, and climate change. The organization is focused on teaching communities how to become more resilient to climate change.

Gloria D. Gray (Courtesy photo)

Two of West Basin’s board members currently serve on the CAAWEF Board of Directors. Gloria D. Gray (West Basin President) and Harold C. Williams (West Basin Vice President) both serve as founding members on the nine-person board.

“It is an honor to serve on the Board of an organization that was created to fulfill such an important mission in our state,” said President Gray.

“I am excited to join a dedicated group of leaders on the CAAWEF Board of Directors,” added Vice President Williams.

CAAWEF is funded by urban water agencies and individual donations. Through these funding measures, CAAWEF has been able to develop community outreach initiatives that engage and educate diverse groups of stakeholders in California.

West Basin is one of the founding members of the organization.