Jeanette Parker

Trumped Up 

Starting before the birth of Christ, the groundwork was being laid to try and defeat the coming of the Messiah. The Pharaoh of Egypt, during the enslavement of the Hebrews, resisted allowing them to be freed from their bondage of hundreds of years.  

The Door Is Open. It’s Not Too Late – Pathway To Success Part 2 

Someone asked, “Do you want to be successful?” The obvious answer is, “Yes, who does not want to be successful?”  

What do you consider success is? Lot’s answer and in his view, he thought success would be in following his rich relative, Abram, and modeling after him. But, there is a condition here. Some persons think that success is decorating themselves with the glitz or wallowing in riches.  

If, WHEN, BUT – The Kingdom Divided Part 2 

One (or more) commentators might say that Solomon’s downfall resulted from wealth, weapons and women. However, that could reasonably extend to appendages sprouting from these to include wealth in abundance that brings with it, if not checked, arrogance, greed, not acknowledging others compassionately and overspending in humongous ways and areas. You can go on and on, just think up some words to fit.   You might recall that Sodom was well known for its outrageous sexual behavior, but that was not their only trespass. They failed to acknowledge and give to the poor. Some people overlook the Sodomites other “outrageous”

“Here Comes The Bridegroom!” “A Cry Was Made At Midnight!” “I Heard A Cry!!”

Did you hear the cry? You missed it? How could you? It was loud…At first undistinguishable; but then clear and distinct. It was heard universally! What was it? What did it say? What did the people do? Before the cry was made, everybody was going about eating and drinking and doing whatever the “idols of their minds” enticed them to do. But there were some who were paying attention.

Success On “The Way” Ask Dr. Jeanette: ‘Lady Justice Cries!’ I Been Raped Too’

 Lady Justice is trying to figure out why her name has been raked through the coals; misunderstood abused, violated, ignored, denied her voice, falsely accused over uncountable years. “Yes, without her consent, amounting to “rape” figuratively. Lady Justice doesn’t even have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame acknowledging all she’s been through and how famous she is!?

Success On “The Way” Ask Dr. Jeanette: “Presumption of Innocence-The Assault on Lady Justice!”

The presumption of innocence: the principle that one is considered innocent unless proven guilty. “The burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies.” Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the lifetime position of Supreme Court Justice has piercing implications for the past, today and future; a pivotal, historical moment.

Success On “The Way”-“The Peeper” Part 2 “Who’s Peeping Through the Peephole!!??”

This historical journey you are taking with me dates back to about 1921-1491BC capturing when “the promise” made to Abraham and confirmed through his son, Isaac and grandson, Jacob . This promise of land and seed is critical biblical history relevant today and into the millennium. Christians’ have inheritance as “spiritual seed” of Abraham.