Dr. Jeanette Parker
Dr. Jeanette Parker (File Photo)

Rodney King said words like these – “It’s not an easy sentence to accept or reject.” There are different ways this may be said to you and not exactly in these words.  

If you say, “I’ll take it,” you may not know exactly what you are accepting. Why? Because we don’t know either the consequences to be good or bad. Therefore, we may hesitate to even decide for fear of the unknown or lack of confidence in our ability to judge the outcome or withstand whatever it may be.  

There could be easily taken all the measures to lead to a good conclusion most likely. You did everything. You put in all the ingredients: your flour, baking powder, how long to bake it, the yeast, the butter, the sugar or whatever the planned ingredients were. So, what happened?   

You overcooked it or you under cooked it. The cake fell…right in the middle. Your heart and disappointment fell right with it. You say words, but you go unheard.  

What were you going to do with this cake after you finished it? Were you going to keep it for yourself and slowly day after day nibble at it until you had eaten it all? Or were you going to give it away? Or were you going to cut it up and share with friends? Were you baking it for the poor?  

In the account of Abram and Lot, we find that Lot had come with Abram….and because he had come with Abram, he had gained much riches. Lot benefitted by Abraham’s knowledge, calling and his reputation. 

Abram was already very rich in cattle, silver and gold. Abram would invoke the LORD by name. Lot was also well off. He had flocks and herds and tents. But, it was because of Abram and his blessings that Lot became rich.  

Now we have all heard about the famous Sodom and Gomorrah. Let’s be reminded that there were more than just the two cities. There were about five and there was Zoar. Lot decided during the oncoming destruction that he would go to Zoar with his daughters. This was a big mistake. He was blinded by his greed.  

This ended up being a disastrous decision. The cities of the plain were not only destroyed because of their sexual immorality, but also because they would not give to the poor and needy and would not work, but they were idle. (Ezekiel 16:49, 50) But, God was faithful to Abram and saved Lot.  

 If you ask the question, “If I give to the poor and needy and still be a practicing immoral person, will the Lord just skip over my immoral behavior and only look at my giving to support the poor and needy?”  

 You know, the Lord can do whatever he wants to do. My recommendation would be don’t put the Lord to the test. Don’t think you can get a pass, practice illicit immoral behavior and expect God will ignore and turn his head and forget.  

 Some would ask, “What must I do to be saved? (Romans 10:12) There are those who may have illicit, immoral desires and thoughts, but never practice it. What do I say? I say, get control over your lustful mind, resist those thoughts and feelings and make the choice to choose salvation.  

 If you ask, “Dr. Jeanette, do you hate people who have the tendency or the actuality of committing those immoral acts?” Absolutely not! I love them. I don’t approve. But, I’m putting forth my position now. I am like Jesus Christ. And I want to be like Him and have the mind of Christ. My prayer is that all are saved. The problem is that not all will be.  

 It’s tough work, folks – that is to sustain ourselves, resist temptation, walk upright before the Lord. It’s a tough walk. But, think about it. Don’t fool around with God! Take His offer for salvation very seriously.  

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