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This occasion of twin brothers having a generational argument over family birthrights is etched in antiquity. It is ancient history, but true. We see evidence of family arguments that last centuries later.  

Around 1773 B.C., this fight starts in their mother’s womb where Jacob is grabbing onto his twin brother’s heel. It doesn’t stop there because there is ongoing strife between them.  

Esau is hot-headed with red hair all over and covered with hair. Their mother is the instigator and plots to involve and deceive her husband and her sons. Esau is so taken over by hunger during the famine but at the same time manages to not eat the savory venison he has prepared for his father. There, he exercises restraint. In the meantime, the mother has convinced Jacob to take a strong foothold in her plot of deception.  

She teaches him to lie and deceive. God is watching and knows about the fight in her womb before their birth. Isaac has been a bystander in some sense because he didn’t consciously know that he was part of a plot conjured up between Rebekah and Jacob to deceive Esau. So, we ask the question, “What is this most valued possession, the birthright? What rights and privileges does it carry?”  

When reading Genesis 27:28 and the verses following, Isaac has been deceived. Jacob lied boldly to his father, representing himself as Esau. “God give you of the dew of heaven, and fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine: Let people serve thee, and nations bow down to you: be lord over your brethren,” it continues.  

The birthright includes supremacy, a double portion (which went to Joseph), and the Domestic Priesthood. He receives the Father’s blessing and supremacy. This and more went to Jacob after Esau sold his birthright.  

Realizing what has happened, Esau vowed to kill Jacob! He doesn’t appear to look at his own role in this mess he had gotten himself into. He was deeply angry and hurt. Rebekah and Isaac send Jacob away to avoid Esau killing him live with relatives. It would be twenty years before Jacob sees his dear mother. She said it would be a few days. Having previously believed whatever she said and heeding her voice, naturally he believed her.  

Esau goes on to be quite wealthy himself with wives and children. He had become more compliant and stopped marrying the Hittite women, which was another reason the parents were disturbed with him. The Hittite women were classified as idolatrous women and not following the one true God. The Father’s blessing was so powerful and influential that there was never a doubt that whatever the blessing was that the Father pronounced there was no doubt that it would come to pass. Esau became the founder of the Edomites. Jacob was father to the Israelites. They experienced war and displeasure with each other.  

Initially, this started because when Israel was coming out of Egypt. The Edomites would not let the Israelites pass through but blocked them. God heard and saw this. He was displeased with the Edomites for treating the Israelites badly. After all, they were relatives. Here is the point: bad mistakes can last decades and centuries.  

That’s why I say to you, “Think it through. Impulsive decisions can take on long term bad results. Consult with the Holy Spirit for all decisions!” We dare not suppose what would happen if Jesus Christ forsook His birthright. His rightful position and privileges which the Father bestowed on His Son for our benefit. Jesus Christ thought of his obedience to the Father for our sake. He said, “Father if you can let this cup pass from me; but nevertheless, not my will be done, but let your will be done.”  

Remember the privileges of Jesus for us and the privileges that your parents have worked and labored for your benefit. Be respectful to not only your parents, but those who have mentored you all along the way. They are passing on to you blessings by giving you encouragement through their words and actions. Here is a wonderful affirmation you might want to incorporate into your life: “Today is another great day to do good and be successful.”  

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