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Starting before the birth of Christ, the groundwork was being laid to try and defeat the coming of the Messiah. The Pharaoh of Egypt, during the enslavement of the Hebrews, resisted allowing them to be freed from their bondage of hundreds of years.

The battle between the Egyptian false gods – the idols – and Jehovah, the one true God, was not ended until Jehovah gave the command to the destroyer angel to kill the first born of male children and animals, which was the last straw because of the disobedience of the Pharaoh and the worship of those gods. These things were precursors to the coming of Christ.

Jesus was pursued also along with other young male children for destruction. Jesus was barely out of the womb when He, along with Joseph and Mary, had to escape because of Herod’s evil plan of destruction.

What is this telling us? Why are millions of children being aborted? We don’t know how many are boys and how many are girls. Why is there mass killing of males being killed and locked up? Is there the thought that many prophets are among those murders?

Jesus had many confrontations with the religious elites – the Pharisees, the scribes (teachers-scholars of the law), the elders and perhaps other political and religious groups. There is constant amazement that Jeshua always had answers for their conundrums.

Because He Is Truth, whatever they came up with His responses or introductions of unanswerable and bold responses could never be defeated. They were left speechless and dumbfounded. Then they would meet, gather together in counsel to plot about how they would catch Him in His own words and scheme on how they would kill him.

Just what were some of the trumped-up charges railed against Him? Just what do I mean by trumped-up charges? They were fraudulent, concocted accusations or more plainly stated – lies. They just didn’t like the idea that He and His disciples did not adhere with the oral traditions and ritualistic practices like washings and fasting.

Because His words were different from theirs, He was accused of blasphemy when He declared forgiveness of sins and healed. Not only did He forgive sins, but He knew their thoughts and their hypocritical hearts. He declared and proclaimed that he was the Son of God! He ate with sinners and tax collectors.

He would declare, “I came to save that which was lost.” “I’m eating with sinners because they are the ones who need a physician,” and “I am the one who has come to spread the gospel which encompasses all healings and conditions physical and emotional.”

When He spoke healings, He was accused of working for and under Satanic power/authority. He was charged with sedition. They interpreted what He said about threatening to destroy the temple as an act of sedition, that is to disrupt the Roman government and terroristic behavior using threatening words.

He was called a demon-possessed Samaritan, a mixed breed. The Herodians and Sadducees became friendly to participate in the plot to murder our Savior. They finally revved up their emotions of anger and hatred to make themselves believe they were right. When in fact, they were intensely jealous, enraged, and deceptive.

He would never give in to their false accusations and false witnesses. Even those who spoke up against Him would contradict themselves. He would not be defeated. He was on His Father’s mission and would not be deterred.

Today, we see some of these same tactics and strategies put to work. If you say words of truth, you will be heard, but ignored, misinterpreted, and not only that, but the governmental leaders will also get behind your back and plot against whoever they want to scheme against…. saying words like, “I’m going to get him/her.”

God neither sleeps nor slumbers and never grows weary. He is fully engaged and prepared too. He defends His children and scatters His enemies. They will lie right in your face. They manufacture and create charges because they collude together using position to try and get away with their works.

It is quite important that judges be true judges…. Acting according with the law to be objective. They too must abide by the law and not use the seat to rise to the next open position and gamble with people’s lives regardless of their age. The people are not exempt.

My conversation here is not new. We hear about men released from prison after serving decades in prison because of false accusations.  You only hear about one or two every now and then.

What about the many others still perishing in prison because of false accusations. Yeshua was accused of tax evasion, treason, blasphemy, and terrorism. The distinct difference about Jesus is that He was anointed and appointed by Jehovah Elohim Sabaoth. He sees and hears all, knowing the end at the beginning.

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