Greg Dulan

Dulan’s and Hotville Debut Partnership at EEEEEATSCON LA Food Festival

Two of Los Angeles’s most popular soul food restaurants, Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen and Hotville Chicken, collaborated to create a unique menu and dining experience for The Infatuation’s signature food festival, EEEEEATSCON Los Angeles,  at Santa Monica’s The Barker Hangar on June 8 and June 9.

Local Restaurateur Finalist for James Beard Award 

Dulan’s is a name synonymous with soul food here in South Los Angeles. For 50 years, the family-operated soul food brand has brought the community down home cuisine. So, it’s no surprise that he stands nominated for a James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurateur. 

Attendees Reflect on Biden’s Breakfast Meeting at Dulan’s

At a breakfast gathering held at Dulan’s On Crenshaw soul food restaurant, Biden greeted, chatted and donned an apron and hat to serve meals to more than 60 people who attended the event on iconic Crenshaw Blvd., in South Los Angeles.  He outlined his reasons for running, saying that he wants “to restore the soul of the country,” and he also took time to take a shot at President Donald Trump, referring to Trump’s recent Twitter comments, which disparaged four Democratic congresswomen and stated that they should  “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came.” 

Appreciation Not Appropriation

Once the native West Angelino learned about the plethora of celebrities that shop and dine on Crenshaw in Inglewood and Compton. “South Of Wilshire” was born. While some people may have had reservations about Levin, who’s Caucasian spearheading a series about black businesses, the show was meant to be a cultural melting pot that provides small businesses with national exposure. One of the restaurants that has benefitted from the attention is Dulan’s on Crenshaw where host, Adam Glyn, challenges the contestants to answer questions for monetary prizes.