Race-Neutral Formula for Assessing Kidney Function Provides Hope for Better Health

UCLA Professor and Nephrologist Dr. Keith Norris has advocated for a race-neutral formula for assessing kidney function for years, and now the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) are urging laboratories nationwide to adopt a newly modified equation that will diagnose chronic kidney disease earlier and help save lives.

Physician Calls on Legislators to Oppose Bill Threatening California’s Most Vulnerable Dialysis Patient Population

If passed, SB 1156 will severely limit the ability of charitable organizations from providing financial assistance to dialysis patients in need. These are the charitable organizations whose financial assistance allows for access to treatment and care for thousands of patients suffering from kidney failure in California, including many minority patients. For these patients, charitable assistance is the sole reason they are able to continue paying for their costly and life-sustaining dialysis treatment.

Giving Blood Is Easier Than Getting A Tattoo

Giving blood matters because it can save lives. When it came time for Sabriya’s Castle of Fun Foundation (SCFF) president, Pamela Bakewell, to meet with local organizations about this year’s annual fun drive, she found hesitation. The fear of a needle made a few of the officials’ blood run cold yet some noted despite their fear of giving blood, they had tattoos. This led the group to an interesting revelation—if someone could sit through hours of a needle tearing through your skin, then someone could sit through giving blood, which is far less painful. On March 12, SCFF annual blood