Brookins-Kirkland Community AME Church

Call 2 Worship – Feb. 15

Triumph Church Music Department presents “Let’s Church” on Saturday, Feb. 17, at 5 p.m., at 7660 S. Compton Ave., in Los Angeles. Madeline Moseley-Neuble, Daunier Thompson, I-Rashard, and Christopher Dozier will perform. Also, Gigi Capri, Asenati, Yawnie Mami, Troy Anthoney will sing.  The public is invited to attend this free event. Lewis Metropolitan CME Church celebrates Black History Month by honoring notable members every Sunday at 10:30 a.m., at 4900 S. Western Ave., in Los Angeles, said Pastor Travis Morris. Tommy Smith, church officer and 1968 Olympian, will be recognized on Feb. 18; and David Cunningham, former L.A. Councilman, on Feb.

Murry to Preach at Brookins-Kirkland AME Church

The Rev. Rethis Murry will bring the Gospel message on Sunday, Oct. 29, at the 9 a.m. worship service of Brookins-Kirkland Community AME Church, located at 3719 West Slauson Avenue in Los Angeles, announced Pastor Mary S. Minor.

Words of the Week – Rest In the Lord

Scripture – Psalm 37:1-7a, NKJV We must learn to rest. Rest is just as important as movement. We must learn to live free from activity. I’m not suggesting we become lazy. Lazy is just doing nothing. Resting is consciously choosing to pause from one’s work. Rest is about the journey. Laziness has no journey. There are seven types of rest: physical (body) rest, mental (mind) rest, emotional (soul) rest, sensory rest, creative rest, social rest, and spiritual rest. Spiritual rest is the most important, but all forms of rest are necessary. Spiritual rest allows the body, mind and soul to recharge. Spiritual rest is achieved by pausing sensory, creative, and social activities. Spiritual rest is resting

Brookins-Kirkland AME Missionaries Host Annual Day Service

The Mary M. Kidd Women’s Missionary Society of Brookins-Kirkland Community AME Church will hold its Annual Day Worship Service on Sunday, June 25, at 9 a.m., in the sanctuary located at 3719 West Slauson Avenue in Los Angeles.

Rev. Millicent Collins, Noted Vocalist and Choir Director, Passes Away

The community lost a dedicated soldier for the Lord with the passing of the Rev. Millicent Jeanette Collins. A talented choral director and vocalist, she died on May 20, following a brief illness. Rev. Collins was acclaimed throughout the AME Church, especially in Southern California, for her service to several congregations including Ward AME Church in Los Angeles and First AME Church of Compton. Most recently, she shared her talents in multiple capacities at Brookins-Kirkland Community AME Church in L.A. Working closely with her dear friend, BKCAME Pastor Mary S. Minor, Rev. Collins oversaw the children’s and youth ministry, taught

Rest in Peace – Linda Lanier

The community lost another angel with the passing of Linda Lanier, who left this world for eternal rest with the Heavenly Father on April 15. She was 70 years old.

Words of the Week – You Meant It For Evil; God Meant It For Good

We have this future hope: God will rescue you and me from all our troubles. God will wipe away every tear. God will take care you. Stop crying and complaining. Receive Christ! Only believe you are favored by God and know that God is faithful. God is working it out! God is working it out for your good!

Call 2 Worship – February 18

Many uplifting activities are being sponsored by ministries, neighborhood groups and government agencies throughout the greater Los Angeles area. The Sentinel Religion section is happy to list some of those programs.