Black Caucus

Executive Director of Civil and Human Rights Join the Mayor of the City Los Angeles to Discuss the Social Reform Within L.A.

Los Angeles City Mayor Garcetti brought awareness to the Civil and Human Rights Department, introducing their first Executive Director, Capri Maddox. This department will magnify the social issues that live among the city and reflect on the solutions. The Los Angeles City Mayor also announced to the panelist of Justice Matters on June 4, together with city council a commitment was made to shift funding that will address structural black racism.

LAUSD Urges Workers to ‘Avert Strike’

Los Angeles Unified School District officials are asking thousands of service workers to help them avert a strike, one that members of the Service Employees union Local 99 began voting on this week.

The Rangel decades

Rangel was a decorated Korean War veteran and an anti-war member of the New York Assembly who arrived in Washington at a tumultuous time.

California Legislative Black Caucus Issues Statement in Support of $15 Minimum Wage Legislation

The California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) recently announced its support for SB 3 (Leno), landmark legislation that would increase California’s minimum wage to fifteen dollars ($15.00) per hour by 2022. In announcing the CLBC’s support, Caucus Chairman, Senator Isadore Hall, III released the following statement: “The California Legislative Black Caucus is proud to support SB 3 (Leno), which will increase California’s minimum wage to $15.00 and lift millions of Californians out of poverty. No American who puts in a full day of work should have to live in poverty. Yet, for too long, too many African American Californians have been