Inglewood graduate Kenyon Agurs interned with LA 84 and the Brotherhood Crusade (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Recent Inglewood graduate Kenyon Agurs is heading to Colorado State University to contribute to their football team in the fall. Agurs was named “Mr. Inglewood” after competing in basketball, football, and track and field during his high school career.

Football head coach Mil’Von James coached him while he was competing in track and field, the experience influenced him to compete in football. He started off at the tight end position before playing as a defensive end.

“At first, I wasn’t so good. But he pushed me up in a way I was able to overcome challenges being a leader,” Agurs said. “When you’re a [defensive] end, you have to get off the ball and it’s similar to track when you get off your start so it was an easy transition for me.”

A proud moment for Agurs was when the Sentinels football team became the Ocean League champions this past season. Colorado State was the first offer Agurs received.

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“It’s very similar to my home, Michigan where I grew up,” he said. “The cold weather, I’m used to it so it’s no problem for me.”

As a basketball player, Agurs had to endure the struggles of having a new coach every year that he played.

“We try to keep the culture around,” he said. “The culture is to have a leader.”

He started playing varsity basketball as a freshman, Agurs called his transition to varsity a “learning experience.”

“At the end of the day it’s about growing as a man to be disciplined,”Agurs said. “For me, what relates at home comes to your practice

He took the leadership skills from basketball and applied them to football during his senior year. For him, being a student athlete means being disciplined, taking accountability, and being a leader.

“it’s asking for help, not trying to take everything for granted,” Agurs said. “It’s okay to ask for guidance and that’s a big part of it.”

Outside of Academics and athletics, Agurs became an intern for LA84 Foundation and the Brotherhood Crusade.

“We went to Santa Monica pier and we surveyed a bunch of students there, what would they want,” Agurs said. “You learning about inequality things is going on here in school districts.”