Design creative, Marina Skye (Courtesy Photo)

The design creative talks about her business, her passion and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

It’s interesting to note, when she’s traveling for special projects, Marina Skye takes her 7-month-year-old kitten with her. The young feline has already been to 12 states and recently went with Skye to complete her work on Dolphland, the traveling pop-up museum for the late rapper, Young Dolph, that ran from 2022-2023.

“It’s funny because you’d think a cat would hate all the hustle and bustle but, she loves it,” said Skye. “She’s enjoys exploring new Airbnbs.”

So, who is Marina Skye you must be asking?

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She is a Clio Award-winning, Atlanta-based creative director and owner of the company Set by Skye, which specializes in set design, experiential events, film/video, and photography.

An L.A. native hailing from Leimert Park, Skye attended View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter High School in South Los Angeles. She went on to attend Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. Skye graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media Relations, concentrating in Public Relations and minoring in American History Studies.

The Sentinel, a publication Skye stated she grew up on, had the pleasure of speaking with the talented design artist. She shared how she came to design sets for some well-known names in Hollywood.

“I got into set design by way of fashion,” said Skye.

“My first business was a vintage clothing line. However, about a year in, I started paying more attention to the world I was creating for the clothes and not the actual clothing itself.

Skye continued, “I was more interested in making my trade show booths look appealing. I started researching what this interest was and found out it was a combination of creative direction and set design.”

Skye has worked with some of the biggest brands and clients, which include Jordan, Jidenna, Budweiser, Jameson, and the esteemed, High Museum of Art. Some of her latest projects include Summer Walker stage designs for Jimmy Kimmel and BBC, sets for Grammy award-winning artist SZA, tour stage design for Wale, and creative consulting for Backwoods Cigars, 21 Savage, and Atlanta’s own, Trap Music Museum.

Set By Skye was established in August of 2017, but according to Skye, was conceptualized in 2014. She had been building set design and creative direction brands doing free work on music video shoots and free photography shoots with photographer Spencer Charles.

Set By Skye offers creative direction, set design and art direction services for concerts, music videos, photo shoots, feature films and activations. Skye shared a little bit about what it takes to do her job.

“An incredible amount of patience with clients, as we are building out their dreams, and patience with myself during the times when creativity doesn’t flow as easily as other times,” said Skye.

“Creative know-how, the ability to pull creative inspiration from anywhere, everywhere in life, but still be able to pinpoint how to effectively use said creative idea.”

Skye has worked with some of the biggest brands and clients, which include Jordan, Jidenna, Budweiser, Jameson, and the esteemed, High Museum of Art. (Courtesy Photo)

Skye shared how purchasing an art piece for her home helped with a client.

“Well, I am the art director and set designer for recording artist, Jidenna,” said Skye. “One of my tasks on his team is to assist in creating the physical assets associated with his music.”

She continued, “As we were finishing up his project, I noticed that the album art that was created initially no longer fit the sound and feel of the final project.

“As I am coming to terms with this concept, I literally look up and notice the art piece on my living room wall was actually the perfect representation of the project’s new sound.

“We connected with the painting’s artist and now we have a new album cover.”

Skye loves her job, which is one of the reasons she is so successful and sought after. She shared what she likes most about her job and some advice for future entrepreneurs.

“I’m so thankful for a career that continuously challenges myself and my team,” said Skye. “Every project is vastly different from the last, which means that we are constantly testing and strengthening different creative muscles.”

Skye continued, “As a young Black entrepreneur, I think the most challenging thing has been navigating the trajectory of this business. Because I hold multiple creative positions, it’s been tough in the past figuring out which avenue to venture down because I always want to make sure I’m pushing the brand forward as a whole instead of one piece.

“My advice would be never be above the work.”

“There is always something to learn.”

She is a busy young lady out there designing the sets behind the big names. She loves what she does and that passion has taken her far. Skye is an example of the American dream—one that’s come straight out of Leimert Park.

Oh, one last thing, Skye actually has a first coming up in her life.

“I am very thankful to be doing the set design and experience behind the artist 6lack’s upcoming world tour,” said Skye. “This will be my first world tour design and I’m very excited for the world to experience a show like no other.”

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