VP Kamala Harris Announces Nationwide Economic Opportunity Tour

Officials said the tour builds on Harris’ extensive travel to communities nationwide. Since the beginning of 2024, she has made more than 35 trips to 16 states, engaging with small business owners and entrepreneurs in underserved communities to discuss challenges and opportunities.

Movie Mogul Tyler Perry Stops Production on $800M Studio Expansion After Seeing Video AI Model

With the rise of e-commerce and automated checkout systems, traditional retail roles may diminish. Cashiers: Similar to retail salespersons, automated checkout systems are reducing the need for human cashiers. Telemarketers: AI-driven chatbots and voice recognition systems are increasingly handling customer inquiries. Data Entry Clerks: Automation tools can handle routine data entry tasks more efficiently. Bookkeepers and Accounting Clerks: AI can automate many financial tasks, potentially reducing the need for manual bookkeeping.

Faith and Fortitude — How Black Muslims’ Core Values Can Transform the Racial Wealth Landscape

It’s no longer a choice but an obligation to take the current economic state of our community into consideration. We need to be aware of the influence of our purchasing power and support the policies that influence the expansion of the local economy. We should not rely on the government or corporate entities to bring about change in our communities. 

Xernona Clayton and Other ‘Herstory Sheroes’ Honored in Atlanta

Civil rights icon Xernona Clayton became the first woman to be enshrined with a statue in downtown Atlanta on March 8. The eight-foot statue with its arms open, propped high on a pedestal, looks down on Xernona Clayton Plaza, making the petite icon a giant in the cradle city of the modern Civil Rights Movement.

Black Film and Photography Spotlight: Nick Branch

Los Angeles native, Nick Branch, is an artist that specializes in portrait style photography. He tapped into his creative ability by sketching, developing his visual eye. Branch would begin his photography journey by capturing images for his school magazine.

Air Pros USA Welcomes CFO Outram

With more than 35 years of experience in financial management, Richard Outram, FCCA, CPA, CFE, CGMA will lead Air Pros USA’s financial initiatives and develop strategies to optimize the company’s financial performance as they continue to rapidly grow and acquire new businesses.

Kim Burrell Releases New Gospel Single

Dove® and Stellar® Award-winning Gospel music icon Kim Burrell, arguably one of the most respected and influential voices in modern music, released her first visual radio single in eight years recently.