Marquis Forge, Founder and CEO, MRaine Industries, LLC (Courtesy image)

Marquis Forge, Founder, and CEO of MRaine Industries, LLC, is the man behind Eleven86, Real Artesian Water. The core of this firm is to be in a position to give hope to its community while providing a source of clean water.


“The umbrella of everything that we do is to give the small town that we’re located in, a sense of hope and revitalization for the future,” Forge began to explain the driving forces for his success as a business in the water industry.


They are located in Autaugaville, Alabama, where the population is less than 1,000. Forge grew up there and graduated as valedictorian of his high school. During his graduation speech, he vowed never to forget where he came from.


Forge found that the water industry is made up of very huge competition, his success came from the strategy of owning every part of the process of making Elven86 Water.

Screenshot of Eleven86 Water (screen grab)


“I knew that anytime a business will be successful, you need to be able to control its destiny as much as possible. And of course, me being in Alabama– me being an African American man, running an African American company, it had not just some challenges, it had all challenges,” Forge said.


When starting out, The CEO of MRaine Industries was turned down for a loan from 18 different banks. Forge says that he had a lot of great people in his corner who wouldn’t allow him to give up.


According to Forge, getting into the water industry was extremely difficult, he stated, “Coming into the water bottle of Industries very difficult industry–extremely difficult because the margins are so small, and the players are so big.”


Forge continued, “Some people say the worst business is a restaurant business, I beg difference. They never been in a water game because there’s so many different avenues and vectors that can disrupt your business. There’s so many moving parts and the margins are very small.”


For MRaine Industries, the solution was to control every part of the business. Forge confirmed that the company owns the land, and the well where the water is drawn. MRaine Industries owns the manufacturing building and machinery, they also create their own bottles. Additionally, MRaine Industries control the labeling, Forge wanted to make sure everything was done within the company.


Artesian water stems from an artesian aquifer, according to the Eleven86 website. “It is a confined aquifer containing protected water under positive pressure.”


Eleven86 Real Artesian Water is Ultra-premium water, the highest grade known in the industry. Eleven86 Real Artesian Water is the best domesticated water. According to Forge, it holds the title of being the official state water in Alabama. Forge confirmed his customers are loyal because the water is addicting.


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