Latoya Shaw (Courtesy photo)

Multi-faceted artist, Latoya Shaw, indulges in the art of couture fashion. Her artisan tailored shoes are provocative in nature, and they call out to celebrities on the red carpet.

“I named it LØVCHLD, because I am a love child,” Shaw stated as she discussed her origin story as a shoe designer, artist, and photographer. The brand holds compound definitions, with a sole connection to shoes, “In 2019, I lost someone close to me and through that pain, it sparked me needing to find a creative outlet to sift through my feelings, so I started painting shoes,” Shaw said. Shoes is something Shaw had in common with her loved one.

Each shoe represents a celebration of life; they are designed to reflect the character of the person wearing it, as they live proudly and with a sense of liberation. Bright colors and rich tones adorn each part of the shoe—creating an ethereal appeal with punk elements.

(Courtesy photo)

Her artistic awareness began to take form in a single-parent household in Sydney, Australia. As the only Biracial classmate at her private school; fitting in was not an option, internally she had to find a place to stand out. Shaw restored her strength on this journey by connecting with her inner child and embracing everything that makes her distinct. Each step in a Shaw original moves one closer to their true individuality.

The multi-faceted artist faced her biggest milestone and now relishes in the fact that her shoes are existing with great feat in this world. Shaw announced her shoes can be spotted in the featured film, “A Man called Otto,” shuffling around with the likes of award-winning actor, Tom Hanks.

(Courtesy photo)

Shaw moved to the states as she entered college; she attended USC for acting. “I recognized myself as more of a conceptual artist, because I have all these different loves in different mediums—and I like to create an aesthetic for profound issues through my photography, film-making, directing and writing.”

Shaw confirmed LØVCHLD was based on a film she wrote and directed; a seed in full bloom from a poem she wrote about her alienated past and the pain she felt in 2019. “I infused a lot of the idea of self-love, acceptance, presenting yourself and walking into the world as you are.”

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