A Taste of Soul

Children’s World Brings Talented Youth to Taste of Soul 

Children’s World returns to Taste of Soul, October 15, featuring a dynamic array of youth performances. The stage will be produced by The School Tour creator, Randy Hankins, who has been presenting entertainment acts at the festival for 14 years. Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, the stage’s sponsor, will spotlight their upcoming family-friendly programs at the festival as well. 

Kristen Cedar Patchwork Spotted at the Taste of Soul 2022 

  Kristen Cedar patches are on the cutting edge of what’s cool and beautiful in the Black community. From money bag patches to Black Hello Kitty patchwork, everyone wants to wear Kristen Cedar like a badge of honor.   The Los Angeles Sentinel had an exclusive interview with the owner, Tai Phillips. She will be honoring the Taste of Soul, with a pop-up installation. Taste of Soul is on October 15, on Crenshaw Blvd., in Los Angeles, California.   Below you will find the in-depth conversation with patchwork artisan, Tai Phillips, and Los Angeles Sentinel:     Los Angeles Sentinel:

Taste of Soul Is Here!

Excitement is building throughout L.A. as people anticipate the 17th Annual Taste of Soul Family Festival, set for Saturday, October 15, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., on Crenshaw Blvd., between Stocker St. and Obama Blvd.

La Create Sp_ce Creates Community Wealth Under One Roof

Working as the foundation for many Black-owned businesses is the co-working facility La Create Sp_ce. Located in Inglewood, California, sits a two-story building with 2,600 square feet of innovation and productivity. Owners, Marisa and Terell Johnson break down the values of La Create Sp_ce and the significance of creating a supportive environment for people of color and their businesses.