Compton Unified School District announced the release of class of 2019 student data by the California Department of Education, which shows that the district remains on an upward path in high school graduation rates, and other important student success indicators.

Overall, CUSD’s graduation rates remain close to 90%. The District’s rate overall, including students in continuation programs, increased 3 % and places it above the statewide average. Below are the high schools and their graduation rates:

CUSD 87% overall (including students in continuation programs), 3% increase

Early College HS: 100%, first graduating class!

Centennial High School: 94%, 2% increase

Dominguez High School: 92%, 4% increase

Compton High School: 89% 2% increase

Traditional High School graduation rate (traditional track-excludes students in continuation programs): 92%

We have come a long way and we have further to go,” said Superintendent Dr. Darin Brawley. “We have made great strides across all achievement measures, and I credit our tremendous staff, board leadership, teachers and administrators who have all made a deepened commitment to student success. We will continue to improve our instructional practices, provide students access to outstanding programs, and use data to drive our work to increase student achievement.” Dr. Brawley was named LA County’s Superintendent of the Year by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health as a result of strides the district has made.

CUSD’s A-G completion rate, the rate used to indicate ability to apply to a California State University, increased 7%, as did the District’s College and Career indicator, which, 6%. Among CUSD’s traditional high schools, Centennial High School experienced the greatest increases in both these measures.

CUSD’s math and English language scores are also on the rise and experiencing growth in many instances that exceed the state average. This past school year, the district celebrated the first graduating class of its innovative Compton Early College High School, 100% of whom were accepted into a four-year university.

“I am greatly encouraged and proud of our results to date, which are a direct result of our robust and focused improvement efforts over the past several years,” said President Micah Ali. “Our students are graduating more, achieving greater, and going on to successful college and career paths at unprecedented rates. This is not only a reason to celebrate, but also a reason to lean in and do even better on behalf of Compton students.”

To create such a transformation in student achievement, the District has been engaging in data driven planning and instruction that looks at student performance districtwide, school site-wide, and on an individual student level. This cycle of inquiry results in specific and targeted actions to target interventions and provide students with assistance to master standards taught. In addition to data analysis, professional development and programs that assist student achievement, the district transitioned all students in alternative/continuing education schools back to their home school site. As a result, each site principal is responsible for student outcomes with their students enrolled in alternative educational settings.

“The dashboard and our most recent student outcome measures demonstrate that we are a district that has turned around and is elevating,” said Vice President Satra Zurita. “At the end of the day, closing the achievement gap equals great opportunities in life. It is my greatest joy to be a part of making that a reality by right here in Compton. It is truly a great day in Compton!”

The California Dashboard is a tool districts and parents can use to track progress, identify strengths, and pinpoint areas of improvement in public school districts and schools. The dashboard is based on most recent (current) year results as well as whether results improved in the prior year. Performance is represented by colors ranging from red to blue. The following presents data tables that reflect CUSD’s progress over the years in several areas. To view CUSD’s dashboard results and search for individual school progress, click HERE.


*LA County 18-19 grad rate for above is pending

A-G by Comprehensive site (excludes continuation)