Compton Unified School District

Compton Job Fair Makes Mayor Emma Sharif’s Vision a Reality

Compton Mayor Emma Sharif envisioned bringing three entities – Compton Unified School District, the City of Compton, and Compton College – together to have a job fair.  And those three entities collaborated to make Sharif’s idea became a reality.

Compton School District Hosts Black Student Achievement College and Career Conference

On Tuesday, January 24, Compton Unified School District hosted its First Annual Black Student Achievement College and Career Conference.  This monumental event, held at the Douglas F. Dollarhide Community Center, was planned, organized and executed by Dr. Shaunte Knox, CUSD director of Black Student Achievement. The conference was an overwhelming success.  Over 300 students participated from Compton High School, Dominguez High School, Centennial High School, Compton Early College High School and Enterprise Middle School.  More than 30 mentors and presenters attended and represented a wide range of career professions such as law enforcement, aerospace engineering, fire service, probation, law, education,

Compton College Honors Mae Thomas

At the March 16, 2021, Compton Community College District Board Meeting, the Compton Community College District Board of Trustees recognized Mae Thomas for her continued support of Compton College and the Compton Community College District. 

Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Launches Science of Baseball Home Kits to Address Learning Loss

The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF), in partnership with Science of Sport, announced today the distribution of 100 at-home Science of Baseball Kits to support students from Tibby Elementary School in the Compton Unified School District, and the Girls Academic Leadership Academy (GALA) and Boys Academic Leadership Academy (BALA), which are the first only all-girls and all-boys public STEM academies in all of the Los Angeles Unified School District and the state of California. To support the demands on teachers with distance learning and the need to provide STEM resources, LADF and Science of Sport are providing monthly teacher trainings and classroom visits, “Dugout Chats,” from the Dodgers’ Baseball Operations team focused on careers in STEM.

National Senior Citizens Day Honorees Celebrated by the South Los Angeles/Inglewood Republican Assembly

National Senior Citizens Day Celebration, a day of honoring and appreciating all the things Senior Citizens in the United States has given, accomplished and sacrificed to help America be an awesome nation to live in. In highlighting 3 nominated Senior Citizens yearly for the services they’ve given to elevate their family, their community and their country, S.L.A.I.R.A. (South Los Angeles/Inglewood Republican Assembly) hosted an annual event that was held on August 24, 2019. National Senior Citizens Day Proclamation 5847” was declared on August 19, 1988 by U. S. President Ronald Reagan.”