Dr. Bill Releford (Courtesy photo)

Did you know that spiritual wellness has a significant impact on your physical health?  If you’re wondering how spirituality and physical health is connected, research has shown that spirituality — the state of being in tune with our spiritual selves, mostly through mindfulness, meditation, and prayer, allows us to: lower our stress levels, feel more gratitude and satisfaction, achieve a renewed sense of purpose and form meaningful and healthier relationships with others.

These spiritual wellness results usually translate into various physical health benefits, including:
Improved Sleep – greater emotional satisfaction boots your dopamine levels (aka “happy hormones”), allowing you to have a more restful sleep.

Lower blood pressure – feelings of happiness and satisfaction reduces cortisol levels (“aka stress hormones”), resulting in lower blood pressure.

Lower Risk of Depression – positive emotions such as optimism, a feeling of high self-esteem, and a renewed sense of purpose can dispel feelings of isolation, a leading cause of depression.

Invigorated Immune System – mindfulness, meditation, and prayer can trigger the body’s healing abilities by encouraging a healthy state of balance of mind and body.

In uncertain and challenging times such as what we’re currently facing, it helps to awaken ourselves spiritually.

Dr. Bill Releford is the founder of The Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program. Follow him on Instagram @blackbarbershophealth and @drreleford