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Pastor Audrey Black illuminates biblical strategies to help readers successfully identify the ways of God so there are no misunderstandings on whether God hears them in prayer or not.

Audrey Black is an author, teacher, wife, mother, co-pastor, and prolific prophetic voice for this hour. She is also passionate about her role to inspire all people to understand who they are in God and to clarify the process of asking and receiving answers from God in prayer.

When it seems to take longer than what you anticipated to get an answer from God, do you assume that He hasn’t heard you? According to Pastor Audrey Black, God may just be waiting for you!

If you are ready to go deeper in your relationship with God and to experience answered prayers, then the book “A.S.K. – Ask, Seek, Knock” and the newly released A.S.K. Workbook are tools that you’ll absolutely benefit from. The A.S.K. workbook is designed to give readers, on all levels, a step-by-step guide on how to implement the A.S.K. process when seeking God in everyday life.

Outlining the purpose of her new book, Black explained, “I really directed the A.S.K. book and the workbook toward those who are looking to God for answers. There are some people who love God, and don’t plan on ever leaving Him, but they know that there is more to it than what they have seen heard, and experienced.

“The A.S.K. workbook is dedicated to the reader of the A.S.K. book, just for their willingness to open up to God. It’s designed to be a hands-on experience,” she said. “I encourage readers to use this workbook as a tool to go deeper, once they have finished each corresponding chapter and assignment within the A.S.K. book.

“Completing each assignment based on what you have learned gives you an honest look at where you are, what you’ve grasped, and where you need to go next,” shared the pastor.

Black designed the exercises in the workbook to strengthen what the believer already knows about God. Her goal is for the reader to utilize the A.S.K. book and workbook enhance their relationship with Christ and ultimately learn how to effectively A.S.K. from God. The workbook also offers techniques on silencing behaviors, conduct and thoughts that work against their prayers.

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According to a supporter of Pastor Black, “The A.S.K. book is an easy read, and the A.S.K. workbook is a beautifully designed tool. However, don’t let the easy reading fool you. Know that there is a depth to the book that may cause you to pause while God Himself speaks to you. Take your time to assimilate each word that you read from these tools.”

Black noted, “It would be wise not to let your education or what you already know to keep you from taking in what God is saying through these tools. We never want to get to the place where we think we know everything.”

Paraphrasing James 1:22, she said, “The Bible tells us to not just be a hearer, but that we should also be a doer of His word. People say that God works in mysterious ways, but I say, no; God works by His word.”

She also hopes the A.S.K. Workbook will inspire people in their spiritual journey and to be more intentional when praying. “If you ever have an empty feeling, or if you ever feel like God is not hearing your prayers, know that may not be His will for your life,” Black insisted.

“Be confident in knowing that God hears you, that God loves you, and that He only means for your good. His plan for you is an expected end,” Black said. “And if you happen to be taking the scenic route and not walking in your purpose yet, just know that God’s plans for you have not changed.

“The A.S.K. book and workbook will encourage you to remain determined in your heart to believe God for the answers that you seek in your prayers. Allow God to teach you how to prosper through His word with the help of the A.S.K. book and workbook,” she said.

Audrey Black co-pastors Canaan Inheritance Worship Center in Gardena with her husband, Pastor Owen R. Black. They have been married for 30 years and have seven children and six grandchildren. She is also the founder of Audrey Black Ministries.

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